12 Ways to Maximize Energy Savings this Holiday Season

12 Ways to Maximize Energy Savings this Holiday Season

Want to try to minimize wasted energy this holiday season? We can understand that!

Here are 12 tips to help you save on electricity (and other costs!) this holiday season.

1. Turn to LED lights.

You knew this one would surely make the list, and for good reason! By using LED lights you can cut the energy you use by 70 percent. Compared to traditional incandescent lights, if you were to light a tree in the office for 12 horus a day, for 40 days, that can save you 190% in terms of your lighting costs, based on calculations from the Department of Energy (1).

2. Be sure to change out your air filters on-time.

Regularly changing out your air filters can save you around 10% in wasted energy costs. Originally, filters were built into HVAC systems to keep the moving parts of the furnace free of dust and debris. But, fast forward to today, and air filters are primarily used to improve the quality of the air that flows through your business or your home.

All in all, debris and a dirty air filter makes your HVAC work harder and reduces efficiency at the same time. Translation: not changing your air filters quite literally costs you!

Change out your air filters on time and you’ll be helping to keep your building’s air fresh and clean AND you’ll be maintaining your system properly and that can save you major bucks this holiday season and beyond.

3. Utilize your thermostat.

Does it seem like your thermostat is turning on and off? Hearing any new or strange noises? Or are building occupants saying the temperature control is off? Don’t ignore ANY signs that the thermostat is not working as it should.

On the other hand, if it is a programmable thermostat, take advantage this season!

Last, be sure you’ve calibrated the thermostat or have us calibrate the thermostat to make sure your point of control is working just as it should. 

4. Don’t ignore signs you need to call us.

Worn out ball bearings? Think something went wrong with your heat exchanger? Or do you suspect the blower belt isn’t working quite right? If you think something has gone wrong with your system, don’t delay in calling us because it can cost you—especially if you wait long enough to do serious damage to your equipment.

If something does need a repair, delaying that process can do more damage or it can impact other parts of the system. Not only that, but if something isn’t working as it should, it really is harder on your system overall, which in turn, wastes energy.

5. Turn down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting.

When you are able to do so, it can be much more energy efficient and save you.

6. Use natural heating.

Do you have any south-facing windows you can open the curtains on during the day or during working hours for tenants? This can help you naturally heat your space or your home.

Just be sure to have an occupant (or family member, if at home) close those blinds or shades at night again or when working hours are over. Otherwise, you may get cold, or you may be unnecessarily forcing the furnace to work harder as a result.

7. Reference ENERGY STAR lights.

Using lots of out-of-the-ordinary or special decorative lights? Not only can they be LED, but also be sure to turn to ENERGY STAR certified lights to continue to save on the most efficient lights possible.

8. Install more energy efficient windows or weatherize your windows.

Your windows can be responsible for as much as 10 percent of the heat loss in your building or office, depending on your specific space and the number of windows (3).

9. Use a timer with those holiday lights.

Not only does it save you time, but utilizing a timer for lights saves you from driving up the electric bill unnecessarily (3).

10. Be sure your seasonal maintenance is scheduled.

Don’t EVER skip your regular, seasonal maintenance. What’s more: you don’t want to skip if you have to do tune-ups more frequently than a residential home. For example, time and time again we see building owners who think that just two tune-ups will be enough for their system, but their setup is much larger and more complex, and therefore it requires more maintenance than twice a year check-ups.

The point is this: Just like with changing air filters, sometimes your system needs more maintenance, but doing that additional maintenance can save you tons of money, help your system perform optimally, and it can make sure your system lasts as long as it should.

11. Ensure that your fireplace damper is closed when a fire is not burning.

This of course keeps unwanted air to leave out of the chimney. It’s a quick and easy tweak to make that can help you better control air in your home or office building. Be sure to ask us or a professional if you have any questions about how to properly, and safely, work your damper.

12. Utilize rechargeable batteries.

Giving toys this year? Or maybe you anticipate receiving gifts for the kids this year? Either way, when you can, turn to rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Those can save money and you can even give them alongside the gift itself, and kids won’t know much about the difference—unless, that is, you give them a quick lesson on energy savings!

You can make these tweaks and others to save money, save energy, and feel totally comfortable both at work and at-home this holiday season and during the rest of these cold winter months. Here’s to a happy holiday season, from us to you!

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