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Nothing Spooky Here: 5 Ways to Scare Away Energy Wasters

Ever hear of energy vampires?

That’s anything that uses energy even when seemingly off or in standby mode.

Usually when we say “energy vampires” we’re referring to things like appliances and electronics, but the underlying idea is that these are appliances we don’t even know are wasting energy when not in use.

And here’s a rather scary stat about these energy-wasters in the home: vampire appliances can account for 10% of energy used in an average home, showing just how much energy (and money) is being wasted unnecessarily (1).

As you know, we’re all for energy efficiency and energy-saving tips for your home, so that’s why we’re sharing 5 tips to help you scare away energy-wasters in the home:

  • Check your cable or satellite TV box
  • Shut down your computer
  • Turn off the coffee maker & other kitchen appliances
  • Change your air filters
  • Conduct a home energy audit

Let’s explore these ideas further.

Check Your Cable or Satellite TV Box

Most are surprised to learn that cable boxes are energy-hogging electronics. The reality is that just by being plugged in and on standby, your cable box or satellite TV box is likely an energy drain. After all, those who designed it aren’t the ones who foot the bill for the energy usage.

Although thankfully they’ve become more energy-efficient, just 6 years ago, certain cable boxes were “the biggest single energy user in many homes” besides the AC, according to The LA Times (2, 3).

So what can you do knowing there is a power drain happening while you sleep? If you haven’t had to recently, one of the first things you can do is request a newer model which is much more efficient than models that are a few years old.

Know that ENERGY STAR Certified set-top boxes are available and they save huge amounts compared to traditional boxes. If you were already thinking of making the “cut” (that is, cord cutting, also know that streaming media boxes also use significantly less power than the typical cable TV box does (3).

Shut Down Your Computer

Lots of people are now working from home. You might have had a personal computer at home in the past, but perhaps now you have an entire workplace setup at home. When you are done working for the day, you can put it into sleep mode, depending on its settings.

If you really want to save, why not turn it off? Turning off just one typical computer device alone can translate to $20 in energy savings (4).

Turn Off the Coffee Maker & Other Kitchen Appliances  

So you might have now found some savings in the living room and in your home office, but what about the kitchen? The majority of us wake up with coffee, and now more and more people are making coffee from home. Even if you tend to drink your cup(s) of joe throughout the day, make sure you turn it off.

While you are at it, even if you’re planning on making lunch from home, look at the other kitchen appliance you have plugged in. Doing so can save you $20 per year (4) and the change isn’t that difficult to make.

Change Your Air Filters

If your air filters are clogged and dirty, your HVAC is working harder than need be, plus it’s just not going to be as efficient. Combined, that means not only is your system not working optimally, but it’s going to cost you more money, too. If and when it makes sense for your family, you may even want to consider a new HVAC that’s more energy efficient, but that depends on the age and health of your current system. We’ll never pressure you into getting a new system, but newer equipment that’s fitted appropriately for your home will give you huge energy savings.

Conduct a Home Energy Audit

Sometimes people end up purchasing things like space heaters or similar for areas of the home that never seem to be the right temperature. Space heaters could be the best solution, but in many situations, there’s more at play with your HVAC or even certain insulation could drastically change how air is handled in the home.

Getting an energy audit can help you reduce your home’s energy bill in a variety of ways, plus it can improve comfort, uncover issues you can fix with air quality, identify ventilation and duct problems, and much more. We know one thing is for sure: that’s a decision that can never come back to haunt you!

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