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How To Choose A Commercial Design Build HVAC Contractor

Design, architectural and construction projects can be a big undertaking. Taking a design-build approach to your HVAC installation can help accelerate your project timeline and help save your budget. This is important in both new builds, as well as remodels, where options can be limited due to pre-existing structure and conditions.

Choosing the right design-build HVAC contractor can save you time, money and stress on the project. It can also ensure you’re satisfied with the eventual outcome of the project!

What To Consider When Looking for a Commercial Design Build Company

When a property owner or home owner compares bids for design-build projects such as HVAC work, there is often a tendency to put the majority of the focus on the total cost of the estimate for the work completed. However, there are many dynamics and factors to consider that go beyond just price:

Meeting Your Organization’s Needs

Be sure the contractor you are working with has designed and built projects like yours before. The ultimate goal of the project is to create an energy efficient system that fits the needs of the specific building and the activity of the occupants.

Completion Timeline

Timeliness of project completion plays a huge role in the satisfaction of the finished outcome. Ideally, your HVAC mechanical contractor will show attention to timeliness and ensure interruptions don’t slow down your build or installation schedule. This can be a huge factor if the project requires a shutdown of any operations in your business, or if the work displaces occupants on your property.

When A Bid Seems Unusually Low

A significantly low project quote can actually be a red flag. This attractive offer might earn a company your business, but result in frustrating time delays or “unforeseen” expenses that will be added later on.

Long Term Goals

Choosing the right HVAC contractor is more than just the most affordable price point. Be sure to analyze any long-term desires. For example, achieving future federal or local energy standards will save you stress and money down the line.

Additionally, take into account any estimated utility bill savings that may be gained from choosing an experienced design build contractor and the most energy-efficient design.

What To Ask Your Potential Design Build HVAC Contractor

When planning for an HVAC install, you are hiring both a designer and a contractor – and in some cases these will be the same person, or will at least be available through the same company. This means you should ask the same questions you would ask of an architect or designer, as well as all the questions you would ask a contractor.

Choosing a design-build HVAC contractor means asking for references or examples of past projects as it relates to the design of the system, but also as it relates to the cost and completion of past projects.

Ensure the designed project is customized for your facility. Are there unique circumstances or problems to address that relate to your specific building or needs?

Find out if the work can be completed during business hours without disrupting the building’s occupants, the company productivity, and/or the occupants’ safety. Are there contingencies in place if this cannot happen? How long will the installation take?

Ask if there is an ideal time of year to have your HVAC systems installed or replaced. Can you enjoy a discount by waiting or scheduling accordingly? This savings could be related to the installation itself, or the time lost in your business if the installation interferes with a busy time of year.

Are there options for project completion? If you are replacing a current system, find out if you will need to have the entire system engineered from scratch, of it would be more cost effective to retrofit an existing system with updates. Be sure your contractor is confident of the best options for your individual needs.

How To Choose

The added value of a design-build HVAC contractor is the decrease in stress when undergoing a construction project. The contractor’s expertise and oversight will ensure the project is done well, the new system fits your needs, and your current and future goal can be met.

Choose the contractor who is willing to listen to your needs and offer a custom design that includes the right system for your specific situation and the layout of your home or business. They should be able to offer you a quote for the work and an estimated timeline for the anticipated completion. Choosing based on these features will afford you the least stressful experience of your new system.

Work With A Company You Trust

The bottom line is, you should find a design-build contractor whom you feel comfortable with, you trust, and is reasonable to work with. These elements will help your project go smoothly, quickly and cost-efficiently.

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