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Why It’s Time for Commercial AC Maintenance

The rapidly changing season and increasing temperatures mean one thing: a switch from heat to air conditioning. These transition seasons are the most important periods for check-ups and maintenance on your HVAC units – to prevent problems, avoid costly repairs, and maximize the life of your system.

A Little Prevention Goes A Long Way

Did you know regular maintenance check-ups and visits by our team for your commercial AC systems will improve the efficiency of your air conditioner? Regular maintenance will also help detect any functionality issues before they become a major problem. This means more reliability, cost savings, and more peace of mind for you and your business. Spring is the best time to schedule your preventative maintenance visit for the hot summer ahead, BEFORE you have to run your unit during the full-blown heat.

What Maintenance Will We Perform?

We recommend, at minimum, an annual maintenance visit to check on your commercial air conditioning system. Regular use causes wear and tear, dirt buildup, and other functionality challenges that need to be monitored and taken care of.

A service maintenance visit allows our technicians to check and clean the air conditioner’s evaporator and condenser coils if needed. These coils tend to attract and collect dirt over time, reducing the airflow and ability to cool effectively and efficiently. Outdoor condenser coils can also become very dirty, depending on the outdoor environment. Clean coils in all areas of the AC system improve performance and help with overall system efficiency.

At your maintenance check, we will evaluate other aspects of your unit as well, such as the aluminum fins on the evaporator and condenser coils. These fins can easily become bent, which blocks proper airflow through the coil. We can comb or straighten these pieces back to their original positions to improve performance, if necessary.

Another evaluation we will perform is of your unit’s drain channels. Clogged drains alter the system’s ability to reduce humidity, which can cause excessive moisture buildup, stains, or discolorations in your space.

We will also check to ensure the amount of refrigerant is correct, detect leaks, as well as measure and analyze the airflow through your system. We are trained to verify all electronics are working correctly and clean and tighten all the electrical connections. Our technician will ensure the heating and cooling system cannot operate simultaneously. We will inspect and oil the system’s motors, and lubricate all moving parts, as necessary. An examination and adjustment of the blower will be performed, as well as an assessment of the running belts to look for proper tightness or any signs of wear. Lastly, we will test the accuracy of the thermostat and system controls, to make sure you can maintain proper temperature in your space.

What Can YOU Do?

Things like cleaning or changing air filters regularly is considered a critical and mandatory maintenance task. Clean filters keep your air conditioning unit running at high efficiency. Compare that to clogged and dirty filters, which block normal airflow and reduce the system’s efficiency – quite significantly. Dirty filters can also allow dirty air to pass through to other areas of the system, such as the coils, speeding up the dirt-related problems mentioned above.

The air filter is something you can typically change yourself, or we are happy to offer our services if needed. Most commercial spaces need their unit’s air filters changed monthly. Businesses that produce increased dust, debris, animal fur and hair, or other air pollutants may need their air filters changed or cleaned even more frequently. Our experts can offer their change frequency recommendations at your next routine maintenance visit so you know what schedule best suits your needs.

Keep debris and dirt away from your unit. Depending on its location, leaves, dirt, grass, or other outdoor material can build up around the outside of your air conditioner. These foreign objects decrease the system’s capacity and reduce airflow abilities. Remove this debris from the area around the unit. We also recommend keeping plants and shrubs trimmed back away from the air conditioner.

Rest Assured With Prevention

Just like residential units, commercial air conditioning units don’t always give warning signs when underlying problems are present. These subtle issues, left untended, will only become detectable to you when they’ve developed into larger, serious issues. Early detection of wear and tear is the best preventative measure you can take. You don’t want to be caught off guard with surprise breakdowns or a poorly functioning air conditioner.

A well-maintained commercial air conditioning system means lower energy bills, fewer repairs, a lower chance of a catastrophic or sudden breakdown, longer lifespan of your equipment, and safer operation. Rest assured, our technicians will find and fix problems so that you can enjoy the efficiency and performance benefits of a well-running system.

Call The Commercial HVAC Experts At Greater Comfort

Neglecting necessary ongoing maintenance means your air conditioner’s performance will steadily decline, and you can be sure to notice steadily increasing energy usage. Don’t delay your regular maintenance appointment. It’s the best choice you can make to keep your business cool and comfortable all summer long, while reducing worry about the function of your unit. Give Greater Comfort a call: 859-491-4915.