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What Your Business Should Know About Smart Thermostats

What Your Business Should Know About Smart Thermostats

Nothing is worse than walking into a building where the thermostat is broken. Now imagine if it’s your small business or office where potential and current customers visit.

For the average thermostat, it lasts about 10 years, but after that mark, they start to have issues (6). If you’re wondering if your thermostat in your office or small business is broken, here are some signs.

Your HVAC won’t turn on.

This is one of the biggest signs if you’re in need of a new thermostat. The wiring could be faulty no matter how hard you try to start up the system (6, 7).

Your HVAC won’t turn off.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may have a hard time turning your HVAC also due to wiring issues (6).

Your Thermostat Isn’t Registering the Changes You Want

You should feel a difference or hear the HVAC turn off or on almost immediately after changing the temperature settings. Otherwise, your thermostat may be bust (6 ,7).

The Temperature Settings & Room Temperature Don’t Match

It may feel 10° warmer or cooler than you set the temperature and depending on the time of year, that could be a significantly higher cost for your business than you anticipated (6, 7).

If you think your thermostat is broken, it may be the sign you’ve been looking for to invest in some of the latest technology by getting a smart thermostat.

Smart Thermostats for Your Office

A smart thermostat may not be for everyone, but when every successful small business runs on efficiency, why shouldn’t your thermostat?

Here are a few things you should know about smart thermostats if you’re thinking about getting one for your small business.

A Smart Thermostat Means Less Work for You

Take all of the maintenance off your hands and let the thermostat do the work. It will make optimal modifications throughout the day and can even sense when you’re gone to make the right adjustments (1). So, you don’t have to wonder if you left the heat on all night and it gives you peace of mind.

A Smart Thermostat Lets You Make Adjustments Anywhere

The weather is always unpredictable and you never know when it can go from cold one day to hot the next. You can stay ahead of the changes by making adjustments from your smartphone (1). Whether your business is closed for the day or you’re out for an extended period of time, you never have to worry about going back to change the thermostat.

A Smart Thermostat Means Less Discomfort

Since temperature changes can be made instantly from any location, there’s less worry (2). Hey, employees have to love that!

And you can return to your office or small business, no matter the day or time, knowing the preferred adjustments have been made before you and your customers arrive. Plus, you can always keep an eye on your smart thermostat from your smartphone.

A Smart Thermostat Can Mean Big Savings

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can save 10% on your energy bill a year when you lower your temperature 7° – 10° Fahrenheit for 8 hours a day (2, 3).

And, Nest found savings as much as 12% on heating costs and 15% on air conditioning costs (5). If you work those changes around your business hours, you could put those savings back into investing in your small business. The easiest way to make sure those changes are made is through a smart thermostat.

Take a Look at Your Energy Usage

You can check out a report each month for some smart thermostat systems, which is another benefit (1). You can make adjustments as necessary depending on what trends you’re noticing. You may also find issues in your system this way as well. And if you’ve had your system long enough, you can look back at past reports from the previous year to see what settings you had that time of year.

You Can Get Alerts for When Issues Arise

Some smart thermostat models allow owners to get an email when there’s an issue (1). This can be especially handy when you’re out of the office and there’s a power outage. It can keep you ahead of the problem since the thermostat might not be the only thing not running at your business. Or, if your business is at an unusual temperature, you may be able to track down underlying issues like a broken window or a door that won’t close all the way.

You may also find that the issue may lies where the thermostat is located at your business or office. For any thermostat, it is best to keep it away from any windows, doors, sunlight and vents. It will prevent any unusual readings your thermostat can produce, also known as ghost readings (3, 4).

We’re Here For All Your Commercial HVAC Needs

Whatever type of thermostat you’re looking for, Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning can help. If you think your thermostat is broken and you’re looking for a better option, reach out to the experts to help you find the right thermostat for your small business. Contact us online or at 859-491-4915 today.


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