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What to Consider When Replacing Your Commercial HVAC System

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to potentially replacing or upgrading your commercial HVAC system. Let’s take a closer look at what you ought to know—and what you can talk to us about.

Types of Commercial HVAC Systems       

Commercial HVAC can be a scaled set of interconnected systems. Although shortened for sake of simplicity, this can include heat pumps, roof top units, chillers, and heaters. The design and the layout of these various types of systems should maximize air flow, air balance, and help heating and cooling be even, predictable, controlled, and cost-efficient in your building. They also need to be able to control and maximize the air quality in your space.

Questions to Ask About Your Commercial HVAC System

If not already answered, these might be a few areas you would explore when looking at HVAC installation from a reputable contractor:

  • How does your recommended system deal with humidity? Are there certain areas in the building that are more of a concern than others? What are options for us to consider as a result?
  • Can you explain why it’s better to upgrade/repair/replace in this situation?
  • Is the current ductwork compatible with what you’re recommending?
  • What’s the expected lifespan of the system(s)?
  • Will forced-air heating be the best option and why so? If not, what other alternatives should we consider?
  • Do we need multiple heating and cooling zones?
  • Do you have financing, promotions, specials, rebates, or know of any potential tax credits?
  • What can you tell me about the efficiency of this system? How does that compare with the efficiency of my current system?
  • If desired: What kind of green solutions should I be aware of for this building/property?
  • What kind of preventative maintenance plan do you offer?
  • How often do you suggest we change our filters?
  • What type of disruption (if any) should building occupants expect to face?

HVAC Performance in Your Building

Large buildings do require an evaluation of the current HVAC system. That evaluation helps us know more about the performance of that system, including: the fuel being used for heating, the coolant/chiller being used, how effectively the heat and/or cooling is being delivered, how the ductwork is performing, the current air quality of the space, the ventilation approach being used, the overall air balance and flow—and whether or not any of these ought to be changed. It really is about how all these things come together and perform efficiently, effectively, and optimally with one another.

Important Reminders About Your HVAC System Install

Don’t be afraid to talk about budget. Budget helps lay the foundation for the solutions we offer you. Constraints can be a good thing so keep the conversation open. This can also be a part of a larger conversation you should have with your HVAC company about the anticipated return on investment.

Don’t neglect to tell us key details about your business. Maybe you work seasonally and year-round heating/cooling isn’t critical for you. The more we know about your specific business, the more we can tailor options to you that minimize costs and maximize comfort.

Don’t forget the basics: no matter if it’s system that’s modern and high performance or if you are making upgrades to part of your system, your system will need to come together to be appropriately sized for the space and design of your building. That may seem obvious, but so many times we’ve seen a lack of adequate assessment, even when it comes to high-end installations.

Turn to Greater Comfort for Commercial HVAC System Replacement

You likely want a commercial HVAC system that is effective, efficient, and flexible enough to give you cost-efficient comfort. We’re here to help you ensure the heat and air is delivered to your building in the best way possible based on your budget and other priorities.

To learn more about our commercial HVAC successes, give us a call today at 859-491-4915 or fill out this form to get in touch with us.

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