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Reasons for Your Business to Get an Energy Audit

Looking for confirmation that your business could use an energy audit? Here are 7 of the top reasons to get an energy audit of your building:

Tenants are reporting varying temperatures

Drafty rooms? Do tenants complain of rooms that seem to never be the same temperature or the right temperature, despite control of the thermostat? An energy audit can help determine the real issue.

Your AC or Furnace Appears to be Overworking

If your AC is constantly over-working or if it seems to be cycling, you don’t want to ignore it. Similarly, if the furnace seems like it is overworking, don’t ignore that either. The benefit of when you fix the issue: you maximize the comfort of those in the facility, too AND you save.

Excessive moisture

Tenants reporting excess window condensation? Or have you noticed that there seems to be mold growth which you’re having to take care of?

Yes, in our region, there can be a great deal of humidity. But your building’s HVAC system should be custom built to manage that kind of humidity. If not, an energy audit can help determine how moisture control is happening in your space. There could be changes that tenants can make (or things they can stop doing) and an energy audit can help determine what your next steps should be to minimize the extra moisture.

Much more dryness than normal

Just like excessive moisture can signal an issue, low humidity in a building also can impact comfort. Your HVAC may not be balanced right, it could be a filtration-related issue, or ventilation could be the main issue. Or you may need a number of other fixes; the point is that an energy audit can help determine what is best to correct the issue.

Higher than normal utility bills

If you know what your utility bills normally are, and now they are much higher than normal, it may be an issue with the HVAC not performing as efficiently as possible. Part of the problem might also be how the building is losing heat to the outside.

Once you confirm that you’ve been doing normal upkeep of your HVAC, it could be time to do an energy audit! At the very least, it will point you towards steps you can take to save.

You’re considering putting your building up for sale

If you are thinking of making an investment to increase the value of your property, an energy audit can break down the best steps to optimize your energy costs. An energy audit can show a potential buyer just how energy efficient your facility is.

You want to do some good for the environment

A more energy efficient building saves energy and is better for the environment. It might not be the main motivator for you to get an energy audit, but it certainly is a benefit.

Get an Energy Audit From Greater Comfort

Getting an energy audit can help you reduce the building’s energy bill, can improve comfort for tenants, uncover issues with air quality, identify ventilation and duct problems, and much more. Contact the Greater Comfort team today at 859-491-4915 to learn more about getting an energy audit for your building.