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Time for Commercial AC Maintenance

Is It Time for Commercial AC Maintenance?

Are people saying they aren’t as comfortable in the building as they were last summer? Or are you hearing noises you don’t normally hear coming from your heating and cooling equipment?

Here’s a list of common air conditioning warning signs you don’t want to ignore. It may not be a major problem, but it definitely signals it may be time for AC maintenance—or you could have the need for an AC repair.

1. You sense there is weak airflow in the building

Maybe at first you just thought it was the heat outside that was making a difference, and was part of why you weren’t quite as comfortable as normal in your building. But if you sense there is a real lack of airflow coming from the vents, it could be an issue with the compressor, ductwork, or something else could be at cause.

2. Moisture where it shouldn’t be

Your system will naturally generate moisture, but that water should collect and flow into a floor drain or a basin. But when you see water that seems to have built up, near your system, that means something isn’t functioning as it should. If this happens, it’s typically an issue with the tubing or potentially a blockage.

3. Your thermostat seems to have a mind of its own

If there isn’t a power-related issue, having a thermostat that isn’t working properly can be a huge headache. For example, if your AC doesn’t come back on when it should, or if it’s just never getting cool in your building, it could be an inaccurate temperature reading or an issue that’s due to wiring problems.

Thermostat issues can be the cause of uneven temperatures, a system that keeps cycling or won’t even stop, or it could be evident when your HVAC won’t start up properly. If any of those are the case, be sure to give us a call right away.

4. Unexplained sounds

Is your system sounding more loud than it normally sounds? If your system is normally quiet, and now it’s not, this is probably a sign of an issue. Also be sure not to ignore any hissing, “grinding” noises, clattering, or any other abnormal noises coming from your equipment. There could be quite a few causes of the noises, so don’t ignore them.

5. Odors that just don’t seem to go away

Unexplained, persistent bad odors in your building that don’t go away with normal cleaning could be a sign of a deeper indoor air quality issue. And, many times, an indoor air quality issue can be linked to your HVAC performance—whether it be the design or the actual day-to-day operation of your system.

On the other hand, if you have abnormal odors coming from your HVAC itself, that’s also a sign something is very wrong. If there is any kind of rotten smell or burning smell, take any necessary precautions and and give us a call.

6. The cold air isn’t what it normally is

Nothing is worse than an AC system that appears to be putting out…well, hot air! If there just isn’t cold air, this is a signal you don’t want to ignore. Yes, it may be the compressor, or it may be something else such as your refrigerant levels are too low. Whatever it may be, we’re here to investigate the issue and help.

Commercial AC Maintenance Or Repair

You are already doing what you should be in your building: changing the air filters and having us inspect, clean, and maintain the equipment regularly, but if any of these are an issue at your facility, be sure to call us today for maintenance or for repair.

Remember, these are just a few signs of trouble you may be seeing or hearing about! The point is, don’t ignore them. If you have any questions or concerns about your AC, contact us here or give us a call today at 859-491-4915.

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