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How to Choose Your Next Cincinnati Commercial HVAC Contractor

Selecting a commercial HVAC expert has an impact on your business for years to come. That’s why the process of selecting your next commercial HVAC service provider should not be one you take lightly…

Here are a few points worth considering when choosing your next HVAC contractor.  

Learn more about some of the company’s successful projects

Yes, you want experience and innovative offerings, but you also want to be sure the company you choose delivers high quality projects consistently. Ask to learn about or hear about a couple of HVAC or design build projects that were similar or that were successful.

They might not have these on their website for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be happy to share some of their case studies or successful project stories with you.

Meet the major points of contact in-person

Sometimes phone calls can be a great way to kick things off with someone if you’re interested in getting an estimate. But when it comes to many commercial HVAC projects, it makes sense to take the time to meet in person with people who are going to be involved with the project.

This is a company (and a project) you are going to be investing in, and you want to be sure to meet the major points of contact who will be involved.

Verify the HVAC company’s credentials

One of the quickest ways you can ensure the company you may work with is reputable is making sure they are fully certified and licensed to do business in your area. It may sound obvious, but some people don’t take the time to double check before working with who they perceive is a reputable company.

Licensing (depending on their location); Bonding (again—which can also depend on where you’re doing business); and things like workers’ compensation insurance are, and should be, a given!

Ask how they support their commercial customers

Are they really committed to serving their commercial clients? Uncover if they have a preventative maintenance program and what that entails for commercial clients, for example. Try to figure out all the ways they will support you if you work with them for years to come.

Inquire about how they plan on keeping the project safe and secure

Of course you want the actual heating and cooling system to operate safely. But if it’s not brought up in the bidding process, don’t be afraid to also ask how the HVAC contractor plans to keep the job site safe and secure during the project.

You also don’t want any kind of propriety information to be stolen and you don’t want actual materials or equipment to be stolen, either. Experienced HVAC contractors won’t be phased by your inquiry.

Review and call their professional references

During or even after the initial bid process, don’t delay from asking for professional references.

Once you ask for those references, we encourage you to also reach out to those companies. Sometimes people will get a list of professional references but never do the work of actually giving them a call to hear about the experience, professionalism, and performance of the company in question.

See how fast they respond

Having a company with years of experience and technical know-how is paramount. Just as paramount is their ability to deliver the project on the timeline they agree to. Although it’s not always going to tell you if they will deliver on-time, take note of how they treat you during the bidding or estimate process.

Are they somewhat slow to respond? Did they drop the ball when you asked them for something early-on in the process? Or do they never seem to answer your call? These are just small indications of how it might be to work with them, so take note and consider it a positive when someone is extremely responsive when you reach out.

Review the actual timeline they give you

You want to take note of anything during your initial interactions with a HVAC team that seems off. But you also want to solidify and hear about their expected timeline for any project. Ultimately, this is what can make or break any project, so be sure they have the ability to deliver projects on-time.

Get a formal contract

You may not have all the details and you may have received an initial informal (or non-fixed) estimate, but be sure you select an HVAC contractor that is willing to give you comprehensive contract that is written and signed before you start any project. This is for legal and financial reasons and if anything ever goes wrong or a key personnel leaves the project, you can have that document to protect your company.

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