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Could Your Business Benefit from a Zoned HVAC System

Could Your Business Benefit from a Zoned HVAC System?

Could your business benefit from a zoned HVAC system?

A zoned HVAC system (also called an HVAC zoning system) is a system that’s able to serve zones in your business/facility. The design and ductwork of the system allows specific regulation and redistribution of air for specific areas of your space. That means there can be customized comfort and temperature zones throughout your building for better comfort and efficiency; this has been described as “room by room control” by some because of that specific, precise ability to control temperatures and airflow.

The great part is that means those stubborn areas in your facility that always seem to be too hot or too cold can be fixed, and you also won’t have to waste energy by over-heating or over-cooling certain areas of your facility.

Keep reading to see if your business could benefit from a zoned HVAC system.

So What is Room by Room Control?

If you hear anyone talk about “room by room control,” that’s just meant to describe how zoned air conditioning and heating systems give your business control down to the room. That means you will comfort and efficiency in your control, on a room by room basis. And if you’re thinking that sounds more efficient—you are exactly right, it is.

How Do You Define Your Comfort Zones with a Zoned HVAC System?

Zoned air conditioning and heating systems allow you to assign any rooms that you want to different zones in your building. Next, you get to decide what temperature you’d like each zone to be—and there you have it, different comfort zones. And here comes the great part: now the system will maintain that temperature, in that zone, both quietly and efficiently. In fact, the system uses the least amount of energy needed in order to maintain that temperature.

How Does A Zoned HVAC System Really Work?

The basis of the zoned air conditioning and heating system consists of the comfort controls, your outdoor unit, and indoor unit. The system will transfer heat to and from the outdoor unit to your indoor units. So, when in cooling mode, the refrigerant absorbs heat inside, and produces colder air by transferring the refrigerant from the indoor units to the outdoor unit.

In heating mode, the process is just the opposite: and the refrigerant absorbs heat outside, and provides warmer air by transferring the refrigerant from the outdoor unit to the indoor units (1).

All of that is powered by electricity. To simplify the process a bit, the outdoor unit also has a regulator that can quickly sense and adapt to change the amount of power being used and the refrigerant being transferred to and from the indoor units. That means you’re minimizing the energy used, yet you’re still getting optimal comfort in and throughout your building (1).

“Will a Zoned HVAC System Minimize My Business’ Power Bill?”

To answer that question, let’s look at how zoned HVAC systems compare to older, more traditional HVAC systems and how they operate.

Less sophisticated systems will operate at full power until they reach a set temperature. At that point, they stop, and then they turn on again. Each time that start-up happens again, it uses a lot of energy, and often times, it’s going to use more energy than it does than when it’s normally running.

In Mitsubishi systems, as just one example, the zoned system’s inverter eliminates that wasteful start up and stop cycle. The inverter is built so that it can automatically adjust when the sensors detect subtle changes. So that means rooms are cooled faster, and rooms are heated faster, plus they are more efficient.

Think of it as the ultimate way to regulate how your system is running: you only need the precise amount of energy to keep the system running properly and to keep each room at the temperature you want it to be. This way of operating has been known to reduce energy consumption by as much as 40 percent (1).

“Will a Zoned HVAC System Clean the Air Better for My Occupants?”

You may be wondering if a zoned HVAC system will give you greater indoor air quality. With better working, more efficient units, you may have better indoor air quality, too.

Just think: if you indoor units that help each room in your facility/business to be at the perfect temperature, yes, that’s the right temperature, but those units are also continuously working to clean the air of allergens, dust, bacteria, viruses, and other particles you don’t want in the air.

A common setup for our commercial clients is for those indoor units to have filters in them, and so that means you have more air filters working on your behalf. So not only do you have more air filters working to clean your air, but arguably, that means less maintenance demands, too for your central unit.

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