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Commercial HVAC Systems: More Control & Comfort in 2020

More control when you’re away from home or your facility? Check. The ability to ask a system about its performance, and have it tell you, out-loud, those important stats and diagnostics? Check. More user-friendly, well-designed interfaces that encourage facility managers to truly adopt all the available technology at their fingertips? Check.

These are just a few areas where “smart HVAC” is now, and where it’s anticipated to be in the coming months and years, too.

Keep reading to see what we can expect in terms of advanced systems, improved technology, and the ability to have ultimate control and comfort thanks to automated equipment.

Improved install and setup

For certain applications, ease of install and little-to-no-downtime is critical for any kind of technology to even be considered.

Although smart home thermostats and other technology has come a long way to date, some facility managers have been reluctant to get into smart technology because of concerns regarding the amount of time it will take to properly install and setup the smart technology.

The great news is the install and setup is simpler than ever. Expect this to only continue in the future so that smart technology is as easy as traditional technology to implement and start benefiting from. One could also argue that this means that not only can new homes and new construction see the benefit and ROI of smart home equipment, but older homes and remodels will also likely be more open to implementing the tech, too.

Better-than-ever sensors and diagnostics

Better-than-ever sensors monitor system’s performance and even inefficiencies. Expect these kinds of sensors to go one step further with customization, offering homeowners a wealth of options about their HVAC and home, and just the same for facility managers and business owners who want to know ongoing information and metrics about their building’s performance.

A simple example of what this looks like: a more advanced alert and notification system (think: text or email) that triggers when it’s going to be time to change the air filter in the coming weeks. Yes, many buildings have similar capacities currently, but look for this to only continue in the new year. Indoor air quality looking problematic? No problem, because a system can notify a homeowner the air isn’t what it should be (1).

Advanced diagnostics and predictive analytics

Not only are real-time diagnostics going to continue to be implemented and made more popular, but look for the ability to model and/or use predictive analytics to further boost the performance and efficiency of your building. Something happening in terms of efficiency and performance that seems to be an outlier? Now systems can alert you based on data of the past and where it thinks performance should be. (The idea you can get this data and the resulting alert in real-time can wind up saving you a great deal of money, too.)

Think of it this way: real-time information is critical and helps you run your building as efficiently as you can, but years’ worth of data can also help you plan for the future, too. The real power is in the data as time goes on.

Voice, voice, voice

Voice is changing so many industries, not just HVAC. It’s true that it looks like two-way voice conversations and total voice control may be the future!

Expect more and more functionality to focus on voice—whether that’s the ability to tell your thermostat to go up a few degrees, or whether that’s the ability to ask your system certain metrics and diagnostics and have it tell you exactly what you want to hear. It also might just help with convenience and letting facility managers (or homeowners) know more about energy consumption or where they could find potential savings.

So what else could this voice functionality include? Expect the voice capabilities to be able to tell you more about how the system is performing, comfort levels, IAQ metrics, and more.

The idea is that voice technology (and AI) may be able to be increasingly used to help facility managers stay on top of all the moving parts they need to know about, including how their system is performing at any given time (1, 2).

More customization

How do you fit the needs of individual, unique tenants that may only occupy the building for part of the day? Or what happens if the needs and comfort levels of those tenants varies, for whatever reason, throughout the day, or in certain areas of your facility? Or what if you have an exceedingly high standard you seek to meet for indoor air quality, but only for parts of the year?

Smart technology makes a room-by-room or space-by-space ideal indoor environment possible. Now each and every person can actually have the air and comfort they desire. In the past, the idea of this was feasible, but smart technology makes specific and accurate personalization a reality (1).

Tech that’s more consumer and professional-friendly

HVAC systems being more connected than ever is one thing. But one of the major evolutions is that the apps, user interfaces, and overall UX of these systems will become more user-friendly. It’s one thing for the HVAC techs to know how to use them, but it’s another for on-site managers and everyday residential consumers to be able to use them the right way, consistently, too.

A better experience for all will help cut down on mis-use, unintentional neglect, or even issues with start-up. We envision this focus on a more consumer-oriented design will only continue to help make smart tech more likely to be adopted in the future.

Improving Your Commercial HVAC Systems

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