trends to watch for commercial hvac

Commercial HVAC in Cincinnati: Emerging Trends to Watch

More precise sensors, better equipment, smarter technology…the list of advancement in our industry is growing. Here are 4 trends and advancements that Greater Cincinnati business owners—and other workers in HVAC in general—can keep an eye on.

1. The continued expansion of Variable refrigerant flow (VRF)

Variable Refrigerant Flow, which is also simply referred to as VRF, is technology that we continue to watch as it evolves and grows. This was once, by some, considered a niche product and even a “next gen” technology—but it does appear that the time is now for many industries and applications.

The benefits of VRP: for one, the flexibility actually makes it very viable for many sizes, types, and locations. That’s part of why VRF facilities are currently outpacing other other types of HVAC tech when you look the last decade (1).

The list of other benefits seems to be long, and hence why it is so appealing: higher efficiency, easier zoning, aesthetics that facility managers want, and saved space in many situations.

Continue to watch VRF and those contractors with VRF expertise to support buildings that see this as a fit.

2. Advancement with refrigerants

With a focus on removing environmentally-hazardous refrigerants (such as Freon), there may be more focus on other alternative refrigerants and innovations in this space in the future.

Natural refrigerants include things like ammonia and CO2, and these operate with different parameters and they also would require consumers and building owners to switch to specially designed system components. Still, other alternatives and natural solutions have other drawbacks and safety will also have to be considered, no matter the proposed solution (3).

Even the most recent standard for refrigerant can cause harm to the environment, so there’s an opportunity to transition to newer refrigerants that can be effective and safe for the environment. We expect that any incentives driven by the government will only accelerate this emerging trend (3).

3. Inverter technology advancements

As many of our readers know, an inverter controls the speed of the compressor motor. In turn, that regulates temperature. What we’re watching is how advancement with inverters is allowing for greater precision and greater degrees of control already, and that’s only expected to increase in the future.

One way to think of it: with more levels and degrees to choose from, you have more control over the exact temperature of your space or facility. No more putting the AC on full blast, and now you can adjust to a capacity that is perfectly suited for the temperature you want. Yes, you may recognize this is already available in many models, but we expect this technology to become much more widely available (if not the “norm”) in the future.

4. Women in HVAC shaping the present and future

An emerging trend we’re very glad to see on this list: women in HVAC becoming not only more popular and prevalent in terms of the numbers—but the emergence of women in HVAC being able to shape our industry’s present and future.

Women’s roles in the HVAC workforce only continue to grow, and thankfully, as a result, that’s leveled the contracting field and now more and more women are in positions that are technical, but also in ownership roles.

There has even been an upsurge in women working as project managers, accountants, bid proposal experts, communication managers, service managers, and beyond which is great to see (2).

Being a female leader in a male-dominated industry can have its challenges, at times, but we’re glad to support this trend and we hope to see this continue to grow momentum in the coming months and years.

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