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8 Industrial Heating & Cooling Myths—Busted

Sometimes myths just seem to persist, despite evidence otherwise. That’s why we’re breaking down 8 common, persistent myths you may have heard related to industrial heating and cooling. Here are the myths…and the reality:

Myth #1: Blocking air vents in your office will save on money.

Reality: think of it this way…when you block your air vent, your heating and cooling system doesn’t know you’ve blocked the vent. In other words, your system is going to keep pushing air into the vent. Over time, that lack of air flow can not only cost you more but it can damage your system if there is a buildup of air pressure as a result.
In our region, another thing can happen when you shut vents and don’t allow them to do what they are intended. In some cases, blocked air vents can result in mold or mildew thanks to humidity and lack of airflow.

Myth #2: Opening the windows can help cool your building or office faster.

Reality: This couldn’t be more incorrect. Opening your windows may, for a moment, make it feel like you are getting fresh air flow into your office. But the reality is you are bringing the hot, humid outside air back into your building. By doing so, you’re making your HVAC work that much harder. You also bring in the un-filtered outdoor air, which can impact indoor air quality (which impacts our comfort level, too) and puts your HVAC in overdrive.

Myth #3: Changing air filters is the only maintenance needed on your office’s HVAC.

Reality: It really is hard to believe that people wouldn’t know there’s more to maintenance than this, but it’s true. We highly recommend you have regular, seasonal tune-ups by a professional on your equipment. This ensures it is working properly, you are safeguarding your assets, it’s clean, and that it is safe for your business.

Myth #4: Turning the thermostat WAY down will cool your building faster.

Reality: No, it’s not true that turning your thermostat way down will actually cool your space faster. Setting the system “extra low” will just cost you more money because the system will continue to work after you get to your actual desired temperature, since the thermostat will be set to a temperature lower than that.

Myth #5: You can install your thermostat anywhere.

Reality: You actually want to avoid installing your thermostat in certain locations such as near places that receive a lot of direct sunlight, electric appliances, or near where you know you will have lights installed. This is because the heat these things produce can impact the thermostat’s accuracy.

Myth #6: Allergies can’t be made worse by indoor air.

Reality: Since we spend so much time indoors, indoor air quality does impact people’s health and it can worsen (or help to improve) allergies. Just think of all the things that can contribute to indoor air quality issues: pet dander, pollen, carpets, furniture, humidity/moisture, dust mites, small debris we can’t even see. All of those things can trigger asthma symptoms, so it doesn’t always have to do with time spent outdoors.

When indoor air quality is high, there are less pollutants and particles in the air we are breathing. Keeping a well-running, high-performing HVAC system(s) at your office helps to eliminate the source of these issues and it helps to get rid of those air particles when they do get into the office

Myth #7: Fans will keep your office cooler.

Reality: Fans can give us the feeling of immediate relief, but fans only MOVE air. They don’t actually change the air temperature. So, if you want to increase how much air is moving in a room, by all means, keep the fans on. But realize that even if fans might make you feel cooler, they really aren’t lowering room temperature.

Myth #8: The temperature in your office is the only thing that determines comfort.

Reality: The temperature of the air in your office does determine a great deal when it comes to the comfort of each room. But there are other factors at play that also impact how “comfortable” we really do feel when entering the office.

For example, the humidity inside a building greatly impacts how comfortable we feel. What’s more: if the AC system is constantly working too hard, the air might be getting de-humidified. Or, the issue may not even be because the system is working too hard.

We may simply need a de-humidifier because the air simply has a lot of moisture in it, and we need “extra help” to help the overall air indoors have less moisture in it. The takeaway is that moisture in the air also impacts how good (or bad) we feel.

Just as problematic as too much moisture in the air, there can also be the feeling of stale air in an office. Others may complain of skin, noise or throat irritation, which could be due to too little moisture in the air. Ask us for more information on ventilation and airflow so that you can be sure to maximize comfort in your building.

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