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5 Reasons to Love Your Commercial HVAC Maintenance Program

There are quite a few reasons to love your HVAC, in our opinion: it keeps you (or your tenants) warm in the winter, it helps combat the heat in the summer, and it altogether keeps you comfortable year-round.

Your HVAC also contributes to your health (or your tenants’ health) when working properly.

But what about your HVAC maintenance? In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is why your commercial HVAC maintenance program deserves that same kind of love, too.

1. It can put your HVAC maintenance on auto-pilot

One of the greatest things about signing up for Greater Comfort’s commercial HVAC preventative maintenance program is peace of mind that all your equipment is going to receive regular, on-time maintenance and cleaning.

You know that we’re going to be inspecting, adjusting, cleaning, and evaluating your system to make sure it is running as optimally as possible. Having those intervals determined up-front makes sure the work gets performed.

Yes, you might still have it on your calendar, but you don’t have to think twice about what needs to happen to ensure your equipment has a long service life. Not only that, you can also rest easy knowing that tenants are kept safe and healthy.

2. It minimizes the amount of indoor air pollutants for your occupants and tenants

Everything from tobacco smoke to carbon monoxide to mold can be considered an indoor air pollutant. Even certain cleaners that may be used in your spaces/facilities can be harsh and leave materials in the air.

All of these things can cause your HVAC to work harder.

Regular maintenance keeps this in check, and makes sure that your system is dealing with these particles/pollutants as optimally as possible. After all, if your system isn’t working properly, the air quality is going to be one of the first things that suffers.

Keeping up with regular maintenance also makes sure the system is as clean as possible so it can continue working for you for the life of the system.

If there is a problem when an HVAC tech inspects the equipment, that can be dealt with sooner…rather than later. The difference can add up and can help preserve your system for as long as possible.

3. It helps your HVAC to continue to be high-performing

On-time maintenance ensures your indoor air quality is where it should be. But it also makes sure your HVAC is still a high-performing HVAC!

We all know that the data you see when you get a new unit is impressive, or even the data or stats you’re looking to hit when you first purchase equipment and get your system running.

But all too often, facility managers notice that those stats aren’t being hit after the system is a few years old.

One reason they may not be seeing the same performance, in short, is likely because the equipment isn’t properly maintained.

Often, if it’s not properly maintained, the efficiency majorly suffers due to what’s often called “white fuzz”—or the electrolysis that happens as a result of weather, climate conditions, leaves, and visible white fuzz from trees and surrounding landscaping, just to name a few contributing factors.

Case in point: in many cases, building owners think that two tune-ups a year are enough to combat all these sources of white fuzz, since that’s the interval common in many residential applications.

The reality is that often times, more preventative maintenance visits are needed because the HVAC equipment is higher power and demands more attention. The consequences of ignoring this advice: equipment that doesn’t perform as it should, leaving some facility managers wondering why they made the investment they did.

4. It saves you money on a month-to-month basis

Of course you want your system to have as long of a service life as possible. That’s a long-term objective, but your HVAC maintenance agreement also pays off in the short-term, too.

Just how major are those savings? One recent study showed that across 10 units, when coils were cleaned on-time, the units showed an average of 47 percent reduction electricity usage required to run (1). The study also showed the energy savings from proper coil cleaning was about 17 percent on average (1).

It’s not necessarily a surprise, but it shows just how major the savings can be. So that means your saving money in multiple ways: you are saving because your system is running more optimally and efficiently; you are saving because there is no malfunction or downtime (which in some cases can save you even more money depending on the conditions or the inventory on hand); and you are saving because the unit will last longer (1).

Last, you set yourself up for success when you can show a manufacturer that the necessary maintenance—often more than twice per year, as described—has been done consistently.

5. It can help contribute to a greener future 

Tenants—and you as a building owner or facility manager—may want more green HVAC. Or perhaps they (or you) want more eco-conscious offerings that can be better for the environment.

Although sometimes people focus on “green HVAC solutions” or major investments alone, regular, ongoing and on-time HVAC maintenance can be one of the most forgotten about ways to reduce your environmental footprint.

Both heating and cooling equipment, when optimized, can really make a change in the environment. As one example: better monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of cooling equipment can save up to 30 gigatons—that’s right gigatons— of COemissions in the next 30 years (1). That’s a staggering number that shows just how much we can improve the air we breathe, and how much we can benefit our environment, too, thanks to maintenance.

Start with maintenance, and the change in efficiency and effectiveness can add up.

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