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Cincinnati Commercial HVAC: How to Make Comfort Personalized

Are you a facility manager looking for ways to continually provide personalized comfort to your building occupants?

If so, keep reading to see a few of the ways we deliver technology that will keep your tenants comfortable and healthy.

Office renovation

Renovations are a great way to update or modernize a space. Just be sure you don’t overlook heating and cooling in the process of your upgrades. Maybe it’s a wall-mounted solution or a floor-mounted solution; or maybe it’s something more sophisticated like smart products.

Zone control

Certain rooms in your space not getting heated or cooled properly? Or do you feel like air is stale in certain areas of your building? We’re here to help you have comfort in every room. One potential solution to part of the problem could be a zoned heating and cooling system.

When done right, this should allow you levels of comfort and precise control in specific zones, or areas, of your building. For light commercial buildings, we find this is a way to improve indoor comfort but also to reduce heating and cooling bills by significant amounts. That’s a win-win.

Rooftop systems 

Our outdoor rooftop units/systems work year-round to provide you with ultimate comfort control. The goal is to choose a solution that is flexible, efficient—not to mention a right-sized unit—which allows you to minimize the energy your business uses. 

Air Rotation

By itself, a forced air system may not effectively move air throughout a room. Air rotation systems offer an alternative to move air more efficiently, ensuring there are not hot or cold pockets in certain areas of your facility.

Our quality solutions also help your business deal with issues such as humidity control, energy recovery, air filtration, acoustics, and more.

Data integration

30% of buildings, as an estimate, fail to leverage data from smart devices and sensors with other buildings. If those facilities were to integrate and share that data, it could save companies a great deal of money…not to mention it can help ensure the temperature is always just right for your tenants.

We’re here to help you use that data to automate and adjust your heating and cooling system to maximize savings AND comfort.

Innovation for Air filtration

Maintaining proper filtration is another important aspect to the upkeep of high quality air flow. Old, dirty filters will let pollutants pass through the air flow systems, causing harm to building occupants, as well as your air control systems.

That said, the technology/product you choose, and installation and regular filter replacement or cleaning is one of the most cost effective ways to maintain quality indoor air. (Ask us for help in changing, cleaning, or determining when to change your filters.)

One of the main goals when working to improve indoor air quality is simply to minimize people’s exposure to pollutants (as well as things like odors that can be a problem in office settings). Ask us about innovative offerings that are state-of-the-art ways to filter, clean, and/or purify your air, no matter what kind of potential pollutants your area has.


Part of customized comfort is about RELIABLE comfort. We offer boilers that are more energy efficient than ever before. Plus, these are an effective way to get you comfortable in your space, and fast! 

Chilled Water Systems 

Chilled water systems can be a scalable option to efficiently and reliably cool and heat your space. They work by using water in the coil rather than refrigerant; chillers range in size but they are typically used in industrial and commercial HVAC systems.

We have a variety of models and options that provide a new generation of water systems that provide comfort and greater capacity. Many can be a more cost effective solution compared with direct expansion systems. Ask us about options if you want to learn more.

Controls, sensors, automation and smart thermostats

Going “smart” really is smart since it gives you precise, ongoing comfort. For those who are a fit, automation can also provides you with rich data and scalable intelligence.

To start, smart thermostats alone can save as much as 10-12% savings on heating. It can mean 15% savings on cooling. And, Nest customers averaged about 8%-10% more efficient schedules than just maintaining a constant temperature, which suggests a potential additional savings of up to 12%, according to Nest research (1).

With all the options we have available for your building, we’re able to put you in full control so your office can be comfortable…but also so you can be energy-saving. Modern controls, sensors, and thermostats are what allow you to have full control of every space in your building. Just think: with advanced monitoring and automation solutions, you can rest easy knowing your building automation is working for you 24 hours a day.

All in all, that may look like a new install, retrofit, or it might be an upgrade—but whatever the case—you can use controls, sensors, and thermostats to increase your building’s energy efficiency.

Make-Up Air Systems

Both indoor and outdoor make-up air systems can be installed based on your building’s requirements. The benefit? You’ll have the ability to potentially see significant savings and greater efficiency with a properly maintained unit.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

When adding ductwork isn’t possible or easily done, our ductless minis-split solutions are an effective way to heat and cool various spaces. These can be high capacity and can deliver high performance combined with personalized comfort for tenants.

Ductwork Design

Ductwork should be custom fit to the exact needs of your building. After all, it’s what transports air from your HVAC system throughout the building. Properly installed, clean air ducts are critical components for indoor air quality. Before even looking into optimizing your ductwork, you also want to be sure you don’t have any leaks in your facility’s ductwork.

Your Top-Rated Cincinnati Commercial HVAC Company

With just a preview of some of our offerings here, know that we’re here to help you find the right product for every project. Our solutions are focused on providing you both short- and long-term value, and proven ROI for your business. For us, that often looks like maximum efficiency and personalized comfort.


  1. http://downloads.nest.com/press/documents/energy-savings-white-paper.pdf
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