questions to ask your commercial hvac contractor company

7 Questions to Ask Your Commercial HVAC Contractor

Whether it be HVAC maintenance or a specialized HVAC upgrades or an install, you want to choose a dependable, professional, high quality HVAC company for your business.

It’s a big investment so you want to be able to know there’s going to be a positive ROI for business.

With that in mind, here are 7 questions to ask when finding an HVAC contractor.

1. What similar commercial HVAC projects or commercial HVAC jobs have you done in the past?

HVAC companies should be glad—and proud—to tell you about their past projects and their success stories. Don’t be afraid to ask them so you can learn more about their approach and breadth and depth of experience. A follow-up question can be about specific references you can reach out to and talk to.

2. Do you have a warranty on parts and labor?

When it’s appropriate, get specific about the types and kinds of warranties.

3. Do you offer an ongoing preventative maintenance program?

You want to be sure they are committed to your long-term savings and long-term efficiency before you start working with them. Ideally they have a beneficial preventative maintenance program that can help you service and maintain your system.

You want to work with them for years to come, so if there are financial savings that come with their commercial HVAC maintenance program, take advantage!

4. How responsive are you?

AC out on a record-temperature day at one of your buildings? Or do you suspect something went wrong with your heat exchanger? Or do you suspect the blower belt isn’t working quite right?

Whether the problem is small or large, you want to be able to ensure that your HVAC company is going to respond to you quickly. It’s true that many companies will say they are very responsive but be sure to do your homework and talk to past and current clients to double check they are just as responsive as they say they are.

5. What are your certifications?

In many cases, you won’t actually have to ask this question, but if need be, do some due diligence to see the kind of certifications they have. Industry standards and safety standards are the minimum you’re looking to find; many times these will be listed on a website or will be showcased elsewhere for you to see.

It almost goes without saying, but one of the quickest ways you can ensure the company you may work with is reputable is making sure they are fully certified and licensed to do business in your area. It may sound obvious, but some people don’t take the time to double check before working with who they perceive is a reputable company.

6. What kind of contracts or agreements do you normally enter?

You may not have all the details and you may have received an initial informal (or non-fixed) estimate at the start of the project, but be sure you select an HVAC contractor that is willing to give you comprehensive contract at some point.

Will it be written and signed before you start any project? That’s going to protect all parties involved, and it helps to make expectations clearer for everyone.

7. What’s the anticipated ROI or improvement in performance I should expect to see?

A huge component of narrowing down potential partners is anticipated costs and the return on your investment. The question you ask might not be worded quite that way, but be sure you feel comfortable with the efficiency gains or air quality improvements, as just two examples, that you will get when working with an HVAC company.

If it’s just HVAC maintenance, that might not need to be the focus of your discussion, but if you’re starting a large project with an HVAC company, you should be able to hear, at length, how performance and efficiency will benefit in the long-run. An upgraded HVAC system or upgrades of any kind are a true investment, and you want to be sure they take the investment just as seriously as you do.

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