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6 Often-Ignored Industrial HVAC Tips for Maintenance

With all the things on a business owner or facility manager’s plate, sometimes the last thing that’s on their mind is prioritizing HVAC maintenance.

The reality is that consistent, regular maintenance is one of the top things in terms of ROI that you can do for your building and for your heating and cooling system specifically.

That’s why we’re pointing out 6 often-missed or neglected tips you can follow for better HVAC maintenance:

  1. Use the right air filters
  2. Change your air filters when it’s time—which may be more often than you’re expecting
  3. Be mindful of the thermostat
  4. Fight white fuzz with regular tune-ups—which may even be more often than spring and fall tune-ups alone
  5. Utilize a HVAC contractor that has a preventative maintenance program
  6. Clean the area around your system

Let’s take a look at each.

Tip #1: Use the right air filters

We’ve seen cases where building owners aren’t using the optimal air filters. You may think you’re saving, but it might not be doing you any favors and you really could be paying more if you aren’t using the right filters.

Tip #2: Change your air filters when it’s time—which may be more often than you’re expecting

We’ve said it before and we will say it again: one of the most effective ways to improve your air quality and one of the best ways to keep your system properly maintained is by regularly changing out your air filters. The problem is, many people don’t realize that this is much more often than for small building or residential homes.

At minimum, changing your air filters when it’s time to casn save up to 10% in wasted energy costs. That really adds up!

Originally, filters were built into HVAC systems to keep the moving parts of the furnace free of dust and debris. But, fast forward to today, and air filters are primarily used to improve the quality of the air that flows through your business.

Bottom line: debris and a dirty air filter makes your HVAC work harder and reduces efficiency at the same time.

Change out your air filters on time—which may be much more often than you’d like to think—and you’ll be helping to keep your building’s air fresh and clean AND you’ll be maintaining your system properly so it can last as long as possible.

Tip #3: Be mindful of the thermostat

The thermostat is constantly giving feedback, in a sense. With that in mind, don’t ignore ANY signs that the thermostat is not working as it should. If you get any mentions or complaints from building occupants, don’t ignore them, either.

Second, make sure you’ve calibrated the thermostat or have us calibrate the thermostat to make sure your point of control is working just as it should. This can go a long way in maintaining your unit and making sure it’s performing optimally.

Tip #4: Fight white fuzz with regular tune-ups—which may even be more often than spring and fall tune-ups alone

Don’t EVER skip your regular, seasonal maintenance. What’s more: you don’t want to skip if you have to do tune-ups more frequently than a residential home. For example, time and time again we see building owners who think that just two tune-ups will be enough for their system, but their setup is much larger and more complex, and therefore it requires more maintenance than twice a year check-ups.

The point is this: Just like with changing air filters, sometimes your system needs more maintenance, but doing that additional maintenance can save you tons of money, help your system perform optimally, and it can make sure your system lasts as long as it should. It not only puts your system at risk but it can put the healthy and safety of tenants at risk, too. 

 Tip #5: Utilize a HVAC contractor that has a preventative maintenance program

Of course you’re turning to an HVAC company that has proper licensing, certifications, bonding and insurance that fits local requirements, and fully trained and experienced staff—at minimum.

Anyone who ever works on your system should be held to the same high standard, so don’t be afraid to ask for reviews, recommendations, or references.

But you also want to be sure to find out if they offer any kind of special ongoing maintenance plan for your building. This may mean special pricing and it also helps you ensure your regular maintenance gets on the calendar when it should. That’s peace of mind and some savings!

Tip #6: Clean the area around your system

When you are trained and able to do so, be sure to periodically have someone safely clear debris from around your unit(s).

Yes, someone should be properly trained how to do so, but assuming someone is equipped to do that, put it on your calendar and make sure it happens. That might even include trimming trees, bushes, or other large plants around the AC unit(s) so that proper circulation and airflow can happen. Ask us if you have more questions specific to your setup.

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