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Want to Lower Your Commercial AC Bill? Here’s How

With hot temperatures this time of year, it can be easy to want to blast cold air to find relief from the heat in your office. Instead of doing that, follow these tips to beat the heat while also cutting your energy bill.

Take advantage of your building’s programmable thermostat.

Your building or office can save a lot of money by using a programmable thermostat, especially if your office has long periods of time where no one is present.

Ask us if you want to learn more about smart thermostat options, which give you precision, control, and the potential for major savings. We can also help with others tips on how to optimally set your thermostat during these hot summer days.

Replace your air filter.

This is one of the easiest, yet most critical, things you can do to keep your office’s AC running efficiently.

What’s more is that replacing your building’s air filter also helps to cut down on fumes, odors, and particles in the air. Translation: that’s better indoor air quality. If you have questions about how often to change your air filter, or if you are questioning your current air filter’s efficacy, let us know, and we can help.

Stay up to date with your tune-ups.

It goes without saying that you want your system to be regularly maintained and inspected by a professional. Again, this is a major step to keep your system running as efficiently as it can so you can stay cool.

Take advantage of the shades or drapes in the office.

Light can be great in a workplace, but also remember that curtains, drapes, and blinds actually do a lot to keep the heat out. Find a balance because you don’t want to use so many shades in the office that people need to turn on more lights. The improvement you will see here also depends on how great your window insulation is to begin with. There are also insulated options that can work for you in the wintertime, too.

Be sure it’s clean outside and around your unit.

Avoid any major landscaping near your unit, since it can negatively impact airflow and performance of your system.

Ask that people keep windows and doors shut.

Do you notice that your building has the door propped open at times? Or do you know that employees open the windows sometimes throughout the day?

When windows and doors are left open, the hot air your system is working to get rid of is welcomed right back into the building or home. Not only does leaving a window or door open impact the loading of the A/C unit, it can also worsen the air quality because it brings in outside dust, particles, and pollen. It can also re-introduce moisture to the system and building, too. All of these things add up, forcing your system to work harder than it needs to.

Consider weatherizing your building.

Even if your system is working as efficiently as possible, if your building has a major air loss problem, it can work against your cooling efforts. The bottom line is you want hot air to stay out of your building, and you want the cool air to stay in.

Schedule an energy assessment for your building.

Does it seem like you’re doing all you can to beat the heat and your workplace is still not as comfortable as it should be? Or are you looking to find ways you can save energy and money, but not exactly sure what to prioritize in doing so?

Our energy audits are designed to provide an overview of how your building or home uses energy. Our audits identify sealing issues within your building or home. By learning more about your air tightness, we’re able to help you better control your air for comfort—as well as your air quality.

For example, a blower test may find there is too much airflow at your entrance/door. We’d help you to minimize the energy loss, which would bring savings and reduced energy consumption.

Ultimately, we find ways you can reduce your energy consumption in your building, without incurring large costs.

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