what to know about home heating and cooling before you buy in Newport KY

What to Know About Home Heating & Cooling Before You Buy [Step-By-Step Checklist]

Not sure how you want to proceed, but you know that you may be overdue for a new AC or furnace—or both?

If you’re even considering a future HVAC install, or you are already in full-on research mode, you want to be informed and educated every step of the way so you know your options. Here’s a checklist for you to reference as you consider making a major purchase.

Step One: Do An Evaluation of Your Current HVAC system(s).

To know whether or not you truly need a new system (or systems), you want to be sure professionals take a look at your current building or at your home.

That will include the size, climate considerations, installation, an energy assessment, a look at your air vents and ducts, and much more—all of which, together, can help us know a lot more about the specific needs of your home (or building.)

The goal is to give you solutions that will maximize comfort and energy efficiency. At this point, you also want to be able to hear about the cost savings and various solutions your HVAC experts have to offer. Many times there are options, so it’s great to learn about each so that you can truly fit your lifestyle needs.

At Greater Comfort, we know how important this inspection is and we know how much that initial estimate matters to you. Future expenses will be based on this up-front inspection and evaluation, so it’s a critical part of the process.

Step two: Discuss Any Rebates or Promotions

You should also talk to your HVAC tech about rebates, promotions, and financing options, if needed. Sometimes tax credits are even something to take advantage of. These can really add up, so don’t skip this step!

Step Three: Learn the Details About the HVAC Warranty

Have you had the chance to ask questions about the warranty you are being offered? A good warranty would be for both the manufacturer and for the install.

Know as much as you can about the term (what is and what is not covered, and for how long?), the parts warranties, anything reasonable you could do that would void the warranty, and how the HVAC company itself stands behind the install itself. Not only this, but if there is an extended warranty, you want to get specific about what it does and does not include. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – we love to answer them!

Step Four: Go Over The Specifics of Your Future Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance is one of the most important—yet often overlooked—components in this process. We say that because while installation is a huge investment and will impact much of your costs, maintenance is what helps your system performs as it should, giving you comfort, precision, control, and energy efficiency. It also helps ensure your equipment lasts as long as it should.

If your estimate doesn’t also go over a maintenance plan, be sure to ask about it: including how often maintenance is performed and whether or not service by your HVAC contractor will be 24/7 or not.

You want to be sure to invest in what makes sense economically, but also what sets your building up for cost savings with any short-term repairs or service needs. We also offers ongoing discounts to those enrolled in our maintenance plan, so it’s a great idea not only because you will be maximizing the life of your new system, but you’ll be saving as much as possible, too.

Step Five: Research The Reputation of the HVAC Company You’re Considering

You want to be sure the licensed HVAC company you’ve chosen is reputable and has decades of experience. We’ve served more than 45,000 customers, offering a special brand of expertise and customer service to every job we perform. What’s more: customer service is embedded in our culture…it’s part of who we are! That’s why we’re the top choice for commercial and residential heating and cooling installation, service, and maintenance in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and beyond.

Step Six: When Applicable, Get an Anticipated Timeline(s) for the HVAC Install

Timelines are important for your HVAC company to be able to provide and deliver on. They also indicate a thorough understanding of the project and job at hand. Whether it is your home or a business, you want to get clear on when the install is going to happen.

Take for example if this is a commercial install to a historic building. In this case, we may need to work with certain parameters, so we’d go over with you so that you had a realistic timeline.

In residential and commercial, we take pride in being timely and keeping our promises. Again, be sure you get these details finalized before your project kicks off. It’s not the kind of project you want to become a headache or you want to last longer than it should. After all, that can translate to additional energy consumption and costs you hadn’t accounted for.

Choose Greater Comfort for Your Home Heating & Cooling

We have the experience and reliability you are looking for when it comes to any system install. We have your best interest in mind at all times. We’ll never pressure your business into making a decision, but we’re here to support your decision-making efforts with information that can save you and your family money. We have your best interest in mind, so we want you informed and educated every step of the way.

We have the highest installation standards, and we’re ready to support your after your install with high quality, dependable and quick service. Call 859-491-4915 today for your free estimate.


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