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The Top Benefits to Weatherizing Your Building—And How to Get Started

Ask someone if they weatherize their building and you often get varied responses…

“I know I should be weatherizing this time of year for better indoor air quality…but the season gets away from me.”

Or maybe you hear, “I haven’t done it for years and I don’t plan on it now…”

No matter your past history with weatherizing your building, you should know there are many reasons and benefits to weatherizing your building. Sure, it saves you major money and greatly reduces the energy you’re consuming, but it can also add long-term value to your building.

Here are 5 of the top benefits to weatherizing your building or home:

Improved comfort for building occupants

Less undesired temperature changes? Less startling drafts in the winter? No more crazy hot rooms in the summer? No more spaces that are seemingly freezing in the middle of winter? Count us in! And, did you also know that weatherizing your building will also cut down on those unwanted bugs, inspects, and spiders that make their way into your facility? It’s true!

If and when you weatherize your building, occupants will appreciate the more manageable, precise ability to control temperature. Plus, they will really appreciate a reduced amount of insects, that’s for sure!

Peace of mind about occupant safety

Don’t forget that keeping things running as they should—and ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible—also impacts the safety of your equipment. Keeping your occupants as safe and healthy as possible is reason enough alone to weatherize the building.

Major savings

Regular efforts to weatherize your building can really save you money in the short- and long-term. Envision an energy savings of anywhere from 20 to 35 percent, on average. It may even be more, depending on the nature of your building and how occupants move in and out of it.

You will extend the life of your HVAC system

If hot air or cold air is making its way into your building in ways it shouldn’t be, that means your system has to work harder than it needs to. Since overworked systems are working in overtime, that also makes breakdowns more likely to occur. To extend the life of your system and to keep it working as smoothly as possible in the meantime, weatherize your building.

The environmental impact

Depending on your business (or home), this may or may not be a major decision-making driver for you, but know that weatherizing your building can lessen the amount of greenhouse gasses you’re releasing into the environment. Again, that may or may not motivate you to weatherize your building, but it’s just one more benefit for those that take pride in making decisions that are also great for the environment, too.

How to get started weatherizing your building

Not sure where you’re going to start with weatherizing your building? Here a list to help you get started:

  • Check issues with your foundation
  • Address large air leaks (possibly with caulk)
  • Fix weather-stripping on your doors
  • Seal the windows
  • Seal your door exteriors
  • Repair/replace unvented heat pumps, vented gas heating, or enclosed wood burners
  • Removal of all unvented combustion space heaters
  • Check the water heater
  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Check the vents and hatches throughout the building
  • Consider window repair or check the air movement from your windows
  • Utilize a chimney sweet or ensure your damper isn’t damaged if you know how (if applicable)
  • Insulate any crawlspaces and other appropriate spaces
  • Evaluate pipes throughout the building
  • If you find any moisture intrusion areas, repair immediately
  • Upgrade to programmable thermostats (or start using them)
  • Ensure preventative maintenance has been done on your HVAC system

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