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Smart Thermostats: These Are the Benefits

Right now is a great time to think about a smart thermostat…whether you’re excited about the idea of automation or you’re interested in the ability to optimize your energy usage.

Here are 4 things to know about the benefits of smart thermostats.

They offer more comfort than ever

A “traditional” thermostat differs from a smart one because you use a dial to control the settings. On the contrary, a smart thermostat lets you wirelessly manage your heating and cooling system AND it allows you to also manage this via an app. Many smart thermostats offer many more capabilities, typically including monitoring and alerts/notifications and the newer models also having “learning” capabilities.

Many people have greater peace of mind knowing that every room of the house can have the ultimate temperature and air quality possible. If you don’t go into the study or the living room very often, you can easily adjust the rooms as necessary.

Whether you access your smartphone app via phone, tablet or just your main computer, you’ll be able to make smart decisions about both your energy use and your comfort levels, even if people in the family prefer different temperatures.

They have more precision than ever

Many of these thermostats have technology that allows for temperature sensors throughout the home—meaning every single area of your home can be adjusted as needed. Remember that many smart thermostats also give you control over your entire HVAC, which translates to maximum savings in a given year.

According to, heating and cooling is as much as 42 percent of your home energy use, so you can see how the greater precision over your temperature can really add up to savings. What might this look like a monthly basis for the average home owner? You can see as much as $30 or more saved per month. Just think of those savings, added up over time!

The provide very easy scheduling

As mentioned, many smart thermostats allow you to control your comfort via your smartphone. That means you don’t even have to move from your couch to tightly control the temperature in your home. Some even connect with your home security system so that you can really match the thermostat to your schedule.

Or for those who want their temperature to be ideal after a trip or being away from their home for a few hours, you can change the temperature so that when you get home, it’s to your liking. At the end of the day, it’s about easier control and energy usage reports that you can see in real-time.

They offer monitoring capabilities

Energy management may start with the thermostat, but imagine getting notifications that can allow you to know if your temperature crosses thresholds that you’ve set ahead of time. As mentioned, smart thermostats will likely continue in popularity because they are simple, allow for push notifications for greater efficiency opportunities, and they help you maximize your comfort—for every person in your family—throughout your home.

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