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Imagine if every room of your house could be set to a temperature that makes sense for that room.

No one in a particular part of your house for part of the year? No need to spend money making it the perfect temperature! Part of your home seem to always be the wrong temperature? No need to over-cool or over-heat the rest of the house just to get that one room the right temperature!

And yes, it also means no more stockpiling blankets and space heaters in the basement. No more opening windows when you want to bake cookies. No more fighting over the thermostat. No more sacrificing comfort to save money on your heating and cooling bill!

You get the idea.

One of the largest issues with central or forced air is the ductwork.

Ducts take up tons of space, and tend to leak, which can compromise the system efficiency by 20 percent–or more. This makes your heating and cooling system work harder and longer, costing you more money to maintain an ideal indoor temperature.

We now have the luxury of technology that allows for “zoning” in your home. We can provide you with an affordable, streamlined option for your home that is more energy efficient and can allow you to customize your air temperature so that everyone can be happy, throughout your house.

Here are five game-changing reasons we know you will love a zoned HVAC system:

1. Money savings!

A zoned system can save you 30 percent or more on utility bills, as a general rule of thumb. How is this so? In part, it’s because your system is going to operate differently than forced-air systems, which operate intermittently, or turning on and off again and again. The all-or-nothing traditional heating and cooling method means paying to heat or cool the entire house, all the time. You can see why that might end up in wasted energy! By controlling temperatures on a room-by-room basis, zoning can save a lot of money and energy.

2. Better control.

A zoned system provides enhanced control and enjoyment by redefining how we view and experience comfort. Rather than the rollercoaster-like variations in temperature created by a forced-air system, the technology of a zoned system keeps the room at a set temperature.

How? In simple terms, your system is able to monitor temperature changes and modify on an on-demand basis. The indoor fan unit ensures consistent air distribution throughout the space; thus no spot becomes too hot or too cold – every area in the room is the same temperature.

3. Compact and aesthetically pleasing.

These systems are simple and compact: instead of ducts, narrow pipes are used to connect the outdoor and indoor components. There is one outdoor component, plus at least one indoor component, depending on the homeowner’s level of customization. The units are easy to install, plus they are non-intrusive. While the fact that it is sleek is not a reason alone to choose this as a solution necessarily, it is an added benefit!

4. You can’t get more personalized!

Some homeowners use this technology in combination with their current heating and cooling system for a specific room that is always uncomfortable – perhaps an attic, basement, or sunroom. Most homeowners choose to use the whole-home climate control though, since this allows for the greatest control and customization.

Why pay to heat or cool a room that is not in use as much as a room that is being utilized? Or why continue to have extreme temperature swings from room to room or floor to floor? For example: during sleeping hours, you could focus your ideal temperature setting on the bedrooms, but not the entire house.

5. Wi-Fi control.

Yes, there is an app for this—and we can help you find the one that is right for your system (or future system!)! Available for smartphones and tablets, the kumo cloud app is just one example of a solution that enables you to monitor and adjust your Zoned Comfort Solution settings at any time, from anywhere. Plan around workdays, vacations, and activities – even if plans change! There are other similar apps depending on your needs and your system. Ask us for more options if you are interested.

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