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Commercial HVAC in Cincinnati: Learn More About Greater Comfort’s Markets

Did you know we regularly handle small and large commercial HVAC installs?

And did you know we’ve served 45,000+ customers to date since we were founded?

That last figure you might not have known!

Greater Comfort began its journey in 2005 when our founder/President Dan Lickert set out to build a heating and cooling company that would do things differently. And, the commitments we made more than 15 years ago remain the same today: The Greater Comfort heating and cooling team is deeply committed to great customer service; quality solutions and products; innovation; continual learning; and long-lasting, prosperous relationships with our customers.

Our projects may range from small to large—and they don’t always include helicopters to get the job done right—but we do deliver heating and cooling solutions in a variety of settings…

Take a look at some of the various markets we serve today:


Healthcare organizations face constant, never-ending pressure: not just on the financial end, but also on the clinical end. After all, most healthcare organizations never really “stop” working.

At the same time, healthcare organizations have a variety of constituents you serve and support: patients, workers, families/loved ones of patients, the community, and more.

Even though it’s not often thought about by those groups, you know that your facility itself is critical to ensuring consistent quality of care and patient comfort. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping make sure you can deliver rooms with optimal conditions and extreme comfort with minimal downtime. Your standards are high, and so are ours.


In hospitality, comfort is paramount—and we understand that. Not only is comfort in every room (at all times) critical for you, sustainability also matters for many hospitality groups. That’s why we help you obtain healthy living spaces; smart solutions the modern consumer seeks; precise control over your energy-efficient solutions; and flexible, sustainable solutions.

Education (Colleges, University and K-12)

Schools and centers of education are pillars of our communities and they represent opportunity for many. Combine that with the fact that Greater Comfort is passionate about helping our customers find the best solution for their facility or building, and that’s why we’re here to help you navigate purchasing decisions. We know each decision you make about HVAC can impact your building, and the community at large, for years to come.

We partner with schools and universities so you can find energy-efficient, cost effective solutions that are built to last. We know you depend on innovation at a price that you can afford, and that’s why we deliver just that.


In an age where it’s all about the “customer experience”, nothing could be more true of your physical location. You always want your customers comfortable, and nothing less than that will suffice.

That’s why we help you create integrated, cost-effective solutions that are easily controlled and can be automated to help you save. What’s more: across locations, we’re able to give customers that same, consistent experience they expect from you. Even if you are unable to be on-site at all times, our digital offerings can help give you peace of mind that your space is comfortable for customers (and your staff) throughout the year.


Many government agencies have a challenge on their hands: facilities must be highly energy-efficient, meet high sustainability metrics, be comfortable for workers and constituents, adhere to certain regulations and standards, and often times they can have the need to do so while also minimizing the associated operating costs. That’s a tough challenge, but one we’re proud to help with.

Data Centers

Data center HVAC is…well, extremely critical. After all, there is quite literally no room for error or systems could fail or servers could be damaged. We’re here to help you have reliable heating and cooling in your data center so that temperatures stay at an optimal range and so that humidity and other key points keep servers safe—no matter the season or no matter the changes that need to take place in your building.

Mixed Use Buildings

Often, mixed use spaces require a great deal of customization and specificity across tenants. And therein lies the challenge. Tenants may have competing needs, such as alternative operating hours or differing preferences that you want to be able to meet for them.

We recognize that not only is that customization and flexibility important, tenant control is just as important. You may need them to be able to operate their system, in an optimized fashion, even when you’re not there. Our systems and setups make that kind of control and adjustments simple and easy enough for anyone to operate, even if you aren’t there.

Commercial Real Estate

Tenants are more intentional about space design and more knowledgeable about healthy indoor working/living spaces and conditions than in years past.

That also means that tenants/building owners/facility managers likely have high demands: smart tech is in, scalability is a must, and greater control is in, too. Tenants want all this while also, understandably, demanding more affordable solutions that meet all these requirements.

Our integrated, innovative approach helps you combine the best of newer technology, sustainability, and the building performance standards you also need to hit. That means that comfort can be optimized, and expectations can be exceeded by all.

…But We Still Serve Our Residential Customers

While we serve small and large commercial customers, we also continue to serve our residential customers!

You want reliability, dependability and fast, affordable HVAC service—and we’re here to serve. It’s our mission to keep you and your family safe and comfortable, year-round.

As mentioned, we’ve proudly served more than 45,000 customers across Kentucky, Southwest Ohio, Southeastern Indiana, and Tennessee during that same timeframe. We take pride in educating you on your cost-efficient, energy-efficient options, and we never pressure you to upgrade or install a new system. We want you to feel comfortable as you navigate choices such as installing a new system.

We’re Your Commercial HVAC Pros in Cincinnati & Beyond

When you need to optimize your building or space and minimize any kind of downtime, Greater Comfort is the team you want to call. Our scalable (but still flexible) solutions are depended upon by customers across a variety of industries and applications, from churches to event spaces to nonprofit centers to retail locations to restaurants…the list goes on and on. Get your estimate with us today: call 859-491-4915 or fill out this form today.


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