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What is an HVAC Contractor?

Looking for an HVAC contractor in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, or the surrounding areas? Be sure to research your HVAC contractors to ensure it’s a fit for your needs. HVAC contractors are typically trained across a variety of areas, but the breadth and depth of experience in those areas can differ. The team at Greater Comfort is proud to be highly experienced in areas of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation.

A professional, trained, qualified, and certified HVAC technician should be able to assist you and your family with HVAC repair, HVAC preventative maintenance, indoor air quality solutions, and installation. We know how you feel when your heating and cooling isn’t working as it should, and our friendly, professional and knowledgeable technicians will listen to your needs, offer solutions without any pressure, and we’ll fix your problem so you can go back to being comfortable.

Our Cincinnati Heating & Cooling Services Team

HVAC contractors provide a variety of services, but let’s take a closer look at the value of each:

HVAC Maintenance

Some people may wonder, is HVAC maintenance really worth the money? The answer is that­—yes—HVAC maintenance is critical and is worth the money, without question.

The reality is that when people are living or working in space, preventative maintenance is critical not just for comfort, but for helping your indoor air quality (and your health), for maximum efficiency, and for extending the life of your system. Regular AC maintenance ensures your air filter is changed, and it also includes:

  • Removal of any mold, dust and debris from the unit
  • Cleaning of the evaporator coils and condensers
  • Clearing clogs and drain lines
  • Checking that the thermostat is functioning properly
  • Removal of any standing water if there is any from drain pains
  • Replacing any worn parts such as belts
  • Ensuring proper refrigerant charge
  • Checking the fan motor is working properly
  • Inspecting the blowers and blades
  • Removing debris from unit outside
  • Lubricating parts that need it

This ensures your system work as it was designed. The preventative maintenance can also spot problems before they become major, more costly issues, plus it keeps your family safe.

The savings you get from doing regular preventative maintenance comes down to three things: one, you are saving on bills because your system is running more optimally and efficiently; two, you are saving because there is no malfunction and/or preventable repair issues you need to handle later on; and three, you are extending the life of your system, meaning you can extend the length of time until you have to make any major investment again.

24/7 HVAC Repair

Signs you may need a repair can include:

  • Irregular monthly energy bills: if you compare your bills form year to year, and the energy cost is not explained by a seasonal/temperature change, it could be a sign your system isn’t working as efficiently as it used to.
  • Rattling, whistling, or rocking noises: in some cases, abnormal sounds can tell you something is wrong.
  • Yellow pilot light: if you try to adjust your burner light, and you still can’t get your pilot light to blue, then it could be an issue or even a sign of excess carbon dioxide.
  • Trouble with your thermostat: assuming you’ve checked your batteries, if you have excessive issues with your thermostat it could be a sign there is actually something wrong with your AC.
  • Warm air is blowing out of your vents. You have your AC on, but you notice warm air is coming out in the house.
  • High humidity. If you notice the humidity in the home more of a problem than normal, it may mean something is wrong.
  • Odors. If there are odors coming from your system, there could be something wrong.

When it does come to any necessary repairs, we fix it right—and we’re proud about our up-front pricing. We want you to be informed every step of the way so you feel great about the service you receive.  As a locally owned and operated company, our customers remain our priority, and we care about every job we perform.

HVAC Installation

If you are considering a HVAC replacement, we will start with an inspection, identifying maintenance needs and costs, and we will talk you through your individual heating, cooling and air quality needs. We never pressure you (at any stage in working with us) because when you’re faced with a repair or a replacement, we want you to be satisfied and comfortable with the decision you make!

No matter the brand that’s right for your home, our systems, accessories, and home comfort products are manufactured and installed with a dedication to quality.

We’re proud to offer simple financing solutions. We want home comfort to be within your budget, so we work with you to be sure you get the most competitive financing possible for your system.=

Cincinnati HVAC Services

Experienced, licensed, and certified HVAC contractors are able to talk you through home comfort solutions that will make for a smart choice for your home. Every home is unique and while technical knowledge and know-how is fundamental, we know there’s more that also comes into play when getting your system running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Give us a call if you are dealing with a home air conditioner or heating system that isn’t turning on or if you’ve noticed your bills are rising without a known reason.

Other signs there could be an issue with your HVAC system include inconsistent temperatures, a temperature throughout the home that doesn’t feel like it’s matching what the thermostat is set to, unfamiliar noises coming from the AC or furnace, to name just a few.

Why Choose Greater Comfort as Your Experienced HVAC Contractor?

We’re proud of our friendly, professional and knowledgeable HVAC techs who respect your time and who want to provide you and your family with ultimate comfort. Based in Newport, Kentucky, we’ve served more than 45,000 customers in the last 15 years. Today, our residential heating and cooling team serves Kentucky, Southwest Ohio, and Southeastern Indiana.

We’re a growing team of HVAC technicians that believe in doing right by each other, our customers, and the communities we serve. We’re passionate about providing you and your family with high quality, reliable and innovative care. That’s why you’ll often hear us say, “Your comfort is our promise”—because it is.

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As a locally owned and operated company, Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning takes pride in superior service—every time—and putting our customers first.

We provide 24/7 emergency repair, service, preventative maintenance, indoor air quality solutions (including air purifiers and humidifier systems), and HVAC upgrade/installation. Call Greater Comfort for all your heating and cooling needs today at (859) 491-4915 or schedule service online.


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