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8 Tips for Your Home During Rainy Weather

April Showers: 8 Tips for Your Home During Rainy Weather

Time for April Showers? Apparently it really is this year!

It’s no secret that we’ve been seeing a lot of rainy days this spring. Preparation can help you better manage the rain.

Here are 8 tips to consider for your home as we continue to see rain in the forecast!

1. Check your yard.

Depending on your landscaping, rain can mean trouble in your yard, especially in areas where the rain is prone to collecting. Keep an eye on your yard to be sure there isn’t erosion or slipping. This can happen gradually or it can seem to happen overnight so be careful as the rain continues to add up

2. Make sure street drains are working as they should.

When was the last time you took a look at the street drains where you live? It’s not exactly something we tend to do very often, but debris, litter and other materials can start to build up in street drains.

After awhile, the drains can be blocked; if you notice that the street drain does seem to be blocked, you’ll want to call your local draining and sewage company/utilities company so they can make sure the drainage system is working properly.

3. Clean out your gutters…

Speaking of debris, if you haven’t already clean out the gutters and the drainage downspouts on your roof. When appropriate, that may mean hiring a professional.

Typically, twice a year is what the experts recommend, but depending on the trees and your home, you may need more clean-outs each year, especially with all the recent rainstorms.

4. …And then repair your gutters if needed.

Cleaning out your gutters is one thing, but also be sure the gutter itself is not in need of repair. If it’s even slightly loose, it’s time for a repair!

If it is due for a repair, ask a professional to replace nails or to fix the gutter so it doesn’t do damage to your home.

5. Check the sealing on your doors.

Since it’s so humid in our region, we’re all used to the humidity. One thing this kind of rainy, humid weather can also do is make our doors “stick.” If you feel your home is susceptible to reacting this way to the humid weather, be sure all doors are properly sealed with paint.

That also includes the tops and bottoms of the door. Then be sure to use sealer where appropriate, like in places that allow for windows to slide (1).

6. Don’t keep your pet in the house all day.

It may seem counter-intuitive to say that you want to get your pet (namely, dog) outside when it’s raining. But when it pours, day after day, you still want to try to maintain normal routines with your pet.

On the contrary, if you don’t let your dog out for days at a time—when that’s what they are used to—they can go wild when they finally are let outside. In turn, that can mean tons of dirt and mud are brought back into the home. The best way to proceed is to fit in short walks as much as you can. Dry them off fully when they re-enter the house, prepare to give them an extra bath when needed, and use odor eliminators if desired (2).

7. Replace your HVAC filters.

All the particles in the air (even ones WAY too small for us to see), are more present than ever this time of year. And, storms can escalate indoor air pollution problems.

To combat this, be sure you change out your HVAC filters if you haven’t already. Having a dirty filter will reduce efficiency and will reduce your system’s ability to filter your air. Plus, it makes your system work harder, which can shorten its life.

8. Keep a watch on your fixtures.

After all the rain we’re having, fixtures can become rusty or corroded. Keep an eye on your fixtures; it may not be practical to fix them now, but as the weather heats up and the rain lessens, you may consider dealing with the rust and minimizing the corrosion so the fixtures don’t lock up (1).

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