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Pets Have A Big Affect On HVAC Systems

Pets Have A Big Affect On HVAC Systems – Here’s How

Of course we all love our furry little friends, but sometimes they make it harder to keep our homes nice and tidy. Their hair gets all over the furniture, they track mud onto the carpet, and sometimes, they have accidents. But hey, at least they’re cute!

You probably didn’t know that your animal can not only put a strain on the cleanliness of your home, but also affect your HVAC system. We’ll fill you in on what happens to your HVAC system, and how to take proper care of it if you do have a pet. Continue reading


Good Energy Saving Tips For Winter

energy saving tips for winter

Greater Comfort heating and Air Conditioning is dedicated to help you and your family stay comfortable all year long. With the cold temperatures we’ve been experiencing this winter, you may be wondering just how to keep your family comfortable without spending a fortune on home heating bills. When it’s cold out there are a few things you can do to save energy. Here are some good energy saving tips for winter that will help you all year long.

Keep Heating Costs Down

Typically your heating system will account for up to 40% of your energy usage in winter. If you set your thermostat to 68° or lower you can save quite a bit of energy. For every degree above 68°, your furnace will use up to 5% more energy. Set the thermostat to 58° when you’re out of the house. If you’re gone 8 hours a day, you can save up to 15% on your heating costs.

Reduce Drafts and Air Leaks

You can save a lot on your heating costs by making sure you have good weather stripping around doors and windows. If your windows are older, you should consider replacing as many as you can with Energy Star® rated windows. They are designed to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Your home’s insulation is another area where you can save. Attics that are sealed and insulated properly will save you money on your heating bill. Walls, crawl spaces and basements are other areas where a good seal and insulation is important.

Replace Older Appliances

Older appliances like washing machines run less efficiently than newer models. Each year newer models are designed to save energy and water use. You can also save energy by washing your clothes in cold water. When you dry your clothes, remove them promptly when they are dry. Many dryers have sensors that can detect when the clothes are dry and shut off. Also clean the dryer lint trap after each use and make sure the air is flowing out freely.

More Energy Saving Tips For Winter

Check you heating system or furnace even if you think it is running properly. If your furnace is older than 10 years you can take advantage of new more energy efficient models. You HVAC company can also look for leaks in the ducts and vents to minimize heat loss. Call Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for a complete energy audit and get more advice on tips for saving energy.


What Makes Newport Kentucky Special?

what makes Newport Kentucky SpecialNewport Kentucky was founded in 1795 and boasts an exciting past of gangsters and outlaws.  It offers a unique look into early America and many historical districts.  It is also a fun place to take the family for area attractions and like most small towns, it has a fair amount of dining and area businesses that provide services for its over 15,000 inhabitants.  See for yourself what makes Newport Kentucky special.

Enjoy a Piece Of History

You can take the Newport Gangster Tour and hear how the Cleveland Syndicate started the gambling boom in this area.  Tour the old buildings where brothels and gambling took place.  Once famous inventor, General John T. Thompson is a native to Newport and invented the Thompson Machine Gun, better known as the Tommy Gun.  When you’re done with the tour, you can enjoy the Northern Kentucky Gambling Museum for a further treat into our special past.

Enjoy Newport Today

Family fun begins in Newport Kentucky.  You will find a ton of things to do at Newport on the Levee where you can play games, go bowling or go to the Newport Aquarium.  Enjoy a ride down the Ohio River with fine dining, dancing and entertainment on BB Riverboats.  Or if you prefer a more lighter ride choose Ride the Ducks for a historical ride and fun time for all ages.

What Makes Newport Kentucky Special

Nothing could make newport more special than the people who choose to call this area home.  Whether you live here or commute to Newport from Cincinnati, you will find people in Newport are great to get to know and great to do business with.  Once you visit you will agree Newport Kentucky is a great place to see and visit and an even better place to move to.



What’s In A Name? – Naming Winter Storms

naming winter stormsThe Weather Channel began naming winter storms in 2012 causing some debate over why winter storms should be named and why the National Weather Service isn’t doing it. If you watch the weather channel or pay attention to many meteorologists, you will find winter storm coverage based on the latest winter storm name.

What Do Winter Storm Names Mean

Most of the winter storm names chosen this year are from Greek or Roman history or mythology. It started with Astro, which got a few tweets about being a cartoon dog, not a winter storm. It actually means Star. Names like Juno, Pandora, Quantum and Linus are just a few of the names for 2014-2015.

Why Name Winter Storms

For 2015 winter storms, some have been blown out of proportion in some cases and some have more than carried their weight. This weekend Winter Storm Pandora  (named after the first mortal woman who was given a jar by Zeus containing all the ills of humankind) will sweep through Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati Metropolitan area. It has been a cold winter and we have 16 named storms to prove it. So why name winter storms? For better communication and to keep us informed according to the Weather Channel. Jason Samenow of the Washington Post says, “Every storm has its own unique characteristics and traits. And sharing information about the impacts of a storm becomes easier and more effective when a storm is given an identity.”

Record Breaking Snowfall and Temperatures

Across the United States we have seen record-breaking temperatures and snow fall amounts this winter. Staying warm in winter is not just about being comfortable but about staying safe. Power outages and record snowfall have brought their share of tragedy to families who have lost loved ones or suffered home damage.

Staying Warm During Winter Storms

If you are having difficulty staying warm this winter, call the experts at Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning. They can help you keep your furnace running all year long. If you are without power be careful to bundle up well and use alternate heat safely.  Consider staying the night with friends or loved ones.   If you have questions or need heater repair, call Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning. They are available 24/7 for all your HVAC needs.


Types of Air Filters For Your HVAC System

types of air filters for your HVAC SystemIndoor air quality is more of a problem today than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Newer, more tightly sealed homes are replacing older, draftier homes. Also older windows and doors are being replaced with newer options that keep your heat and air inside the house where it belongs. This makes changing your air filter in your HVAC system even more important. What types of air filters for your HVAC system, often depends on your lifestyle and how you use your system.

Types of Air Filters For Your HVAC System

indoor air qualityFlat Panel Fiberglass Filters

These disposable filters have a one-inch thick fiberglass pad held in a metal or cardboard frame. They are usually inexpensive which allows you to change them often. They protect the HVAC system from large airborne particles but they do nothing to improve the air quality of your home. If you smoke, live with pets, or have allergies then there are better filters that ensure better air quality.

Pleated Polyester Filters

These filters are also relatively inexpensive and disposable. The have an increased surface area because of the pleats that allows them to catch and contain more air particles. They filter smaller particles such as dust mites, bacteria, viruses and pet dander.

Electrostatic High Efficiency Pleated Polyester Filters

These filters do a better job at capturing smaller particles. They are great for allergy suffers and pet owners. Because they trap particles so well, they can get dirty quickly and if not changed they can cause your HVAC system to run inefficiently.

HEPA Filters

Hospitals and medical facilities rely on HEPA  filters because they are the most efficient filters. They capture over 99% of all air particles. They can significantly improve the indoor air quality too. These are normally commercial filters that require professional installation form your HVAC company. Because they can reduce the air flow they don’t always work with home HVAC systems. Your HVAC technician can help you determine if there are HEPA filters available for your unit and if you would be wise to use them.

Reusable Air Filters

Air filters that can be washed over and over are made from material that is durable enough to handle washing and use. They are normally not as effective at improving indoor air quality as disposable filters. They are generally more expensive and require regular removing, washing and installing. They should never be installed wet, to prevent mold from growing.

Your Filter Size

Each HVAC unit has a unique filter size. The easiest way to find the right filter is to check on your current filter and get the same one. Once you know the size, you can buy the right filter each time.

Your HVAC technician from Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning can help you learn how to change your filter and give you recommendations on which filter would be best for your household. They can also let you know how often to change the filter, although once a month is recommended as a general rule. Please call Greater Comfort Heating and Air if you have questions or to schedule HVAC maintenance.


5 Steps To Removing Dust From Your Home

steps to removing dust from your home

Having trouble keeping up with the dust in your home? Not only is this a housekeeping chore that never gets finished, but it can cause health problems like asthma and allergies and put you at risk for other airborne illnesses. Here are 5 steps to remove dust from your home.

Change Your HVAC Filters

You should typically change your filters at least every 3-4 months each year. Some people do it as often as once a month. Your HVAC system will run better and this extra efficiency will show in your heating and cooling bills.

Vacuum and Wash Curtains and Rugs

Dust likes to hide in carpet and on rugs and curtains. One of the steps to removing dust from your home includes removing it from areas where it tends to build up. If you have severe allergies, you may want to consider removing the carpet from your home and replacing the curtains with dust resistant varieties.

Dust and Mop

Using a static or wet mop or dust cloth will catch the dust particles when you mop and dust. Be sure and pay particular attention to dust under furniture and beds where it can accumulate and attract dust mites. Always dust from the top down and vacuum or mop as a final step. Although you can eliminate a lot of dust, you will never fully get rid of all the dust.

Consider Options For Cleaner Air

Your HVAC company can determine ways to provide you with better indoor air quality. Today’s homes are built to be air tight for energy efficiency. This can also cause more problems with air quality For that reason, Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning offers a full line of indoor air quality services including installation and maintenance of air cleaners, purifiers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and UV germicidal lights.

Clean Ductwork

Ductwork can get pretty dusty over time. This is an area of your home that can become moldy or dusty. Having your ductwork cleaned periodically can help you stay healthy and keep dust and mold spores from floating around your house.

5 Steps To Remove Dust From Your Home

As you can see, some of these steps you can do yourself during your regular home maintenance. Other steps, require your trusted HVAC company. Performing regular HVAC maintenance and providing you with services and products to give your home better air quality is what Greater Comfort Heating and Air is all about. For more information and help with eliminating dust from your home, call Greater Comfort and one of their technicians can help you determine ways that will keep dust to a minimum in your home.


Heating Company in Northern Kentucky

heating company in Northern KentuckyDo you have your heating company in Northern Kentucky in your contact list? We hope so. Not because you have needed heater repairs this year but because we hope that Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning has become a part of your home maintenance team.   As a HVAC company that is qualified to handle all your heating and cooling needs, we hope that you will consider us your personal HVAC company. We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service and care.

Heating Maintenance and Repairs

We offer a complete preventative maintenance program to provide you with proper care for your heating equipment. This will prevent you from voiding your warranty if your system is new and it will keep you from needed costly repairs if your system is older. Don’t wait until it gets really cold out to realize you should have maintained your heater. Instead, be proactive and keep your heater in it’s best shape all year long. This will increase its efficiency and it will end up lasting years longer than a heater you neglected.

Designing a New Heating System

If your system is older, too costly to fix or you are building a new heating system, our professional design technicians can create a system that will fit your home or office and work better than you thought possible. We are experienced in designing systems of all types and sizes to effectively and efficiently heat your home or business. Greater comfort has been helping homeowners and building designers to install heating systems for over 25 years.

High Heating Bills

Tired of paying large utility bills because it cost so much to heat your house? There are solutions. Greater comfort would be happy to perform an energy audit to determine where you are losing energy and what can be done to increase the efficiency of your heating system. We can also help you take advantage of rebates and programs that allow you to install more energy efficient models and systems including renewable energy systems that help capture the costs of heating your home.

The Best Heating Company in Northern Kentucky

Based in Newport Kentucky and servicing all of Northern Kentucky, Southern Ohio and Southeastern Indiana, Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning has over 60 years experience. They offer competitive rates and their technicians are factory trained to maintain and install systems by Lennox, Mitsubishi and other well-known HVAC manufacturers. They are a locally owned company who are proud of their customer service and high customer satisfaction rating.

When you need to find the best heating company in Northern Kentucky and the surrounding areas, call Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning today!


New Year’s Resolution – HVAC Maintenance

HVAC companyNew year’s Eve is just around the corner. Some people choose to make a New Year’s Resolution and some people figure, why bother? With good intentions, people will make a resolution to exercise more or start a diet only to find by January 31st they are back to their normal habits. Why not make a commitment this year to keep up with your HVAC system’s routine maintenance.

Why You Should Care About Getting HVAC Maintenance

HVAC systems require regular routine maintenance to perform at their peak. It is important as a home or business owner that you become familiar with your HVAC unit and it’s warranty. Your owner’s manual will recommend regular HVAC maintenance to ensure proper performance of the equipment. Failure to take care of your unit can void the warranty.

Your HVAC unit has many components that need proper adjustments, lubrications and servicing to keep them working properly. If you don’t provide your unit with the proper preventative HVAC maintenance, you will find yourself calling for repairs that would have been avoided if you had given your unit the proper care. Your warranty won’t cover these repairs.

Because of the complex machinery involved in your HVAC system, you need a trained professional to service your Units. Some parts of the HVAC system may require special chemicals to clean and maintain them properly.

New Year’s Resolution – Routine HVAC Maintenance

At Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer you worry free maintenance contracts that allow you to leave the care of maintaining your HVAC system to our professional technicians. We offer a schedule that allows you to enter the colder, winter months ready for your heat and the hotter, summer months ready for cool air. This is a cost effective way to keep your home or office at a comfortable temperature and climate. You also don’t have to worry about voiding your warranty because you forgot to call someone to service your units.

During your preventative HVAC maintenance we will also check for any problems we see. Catching a problem while it is small can save you a lot of down time and money if the problem would get out of hand.

Your New Year’s Eve Commitment

Start the New Year off with a commitment to call your HVAC company and schedule your bi-annual preventative HVAC maintenance. You will find having your heating and cooling system under control will give you peace of mind and keep you from needing emergency HVAC repairs all year long. Call the experts at Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning today!


Entertaining Guests This Christmas

Entertaining guests this ChristmasEntertaining Guests this Christmas can cause your utility bills to sky rocket. There’s no way you want to tell people not to come, so what can you do to keep your heating bill down and save money to pay for all those Christmas presents and after Christmas sales. Here are a few tips to help you get through the holidays with out spending a fortune on heating your house.

Tips To Keep Your Heating Bill Down

Tip#1 Keep your thermostat down and make sure everyone dresses a little warmer. Have throws on the couch and encourage guests to use them. Some people like to turn the thermostat up during the day and down at night.

Tip#2 Keep the Doors Closed. Having guests coming in and out the doors can let a lot of heat out and cold air in. Have a person at the door to help with opening and closing it. Keep children from going in and out. If you must open a window or door to cool the house down some while your cooking be sure and only keep it open long enough to let a little cool air in. You don’t want your furnace running with the door or windows open.

Tips #3 Be aware of cold or hot spots in the house. You may have a basement that stays colder than the rest of the house. If that’s where the guests sleep, make sure you provide extra blankets. On the other hand, if the attic gets hot, consider lighter blankets for your guests.

Tip #4 Keep up to date on your HVAC maintenance. Having your heating system working efficiently will save you money on your heating bills and keep your system running properly.

Tips #5 Prepare your house for guests and winter. Make sure you house has good weather proofing around the windows and doors so cold air doesn’t get in. Change filters if you haven’t. Check the chimney and make sure your plumbing is in order.

Enjoy Entertaining Guests This Christmas

We hope you enjoy the holidays and spending time with your family and friends.

This is an excellent time to create memories and cherish your loved ones. If you have any concerns about your heating system, call Greater Comfort Heating and Air.


Heater Repair in Northern Kentucky

heater repair in Northern KentuckyIf you need heater repair in Northern Kentucky, you can depend on Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning to offer you quality service from experienced technicians. Now is the time of year heaters are working their best to keep up with the demands of heating your home or business. Older heating systems and systems that are not functioning properly or efficiently will often need repairs.

Heater Maintenance And Prevention

At Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning we believe that doing yearly maintenance to your heating or cooling system will help you avoid a need for furnace repair in Northern Kentucky. When your HVAC system is dirty or poorly maintained, it works longer and harder to produce the temperature you desire. This leads to an overworked system that requires more repairs. We offer maintenance agreements for your home or business that will ensure your HVAC system is running at its peak efficiency with less down time. Regular maintenance will increase the longevity of your HVAC system as well. It’s important to remember that you can depend on Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning to provide you with peace of mind knowing your furnace is in good hands. By diagnosing issues quickly and resolving potential problems you can prevent major heater repair in Northern Kentucky from occurring. You can take advantage of our HVAC maintenance and enjoy lower energy bills because your system is clean and running properly.

Heater Repair in Northern Kentucky

Our team of highly-trained, service technicians have the expertise to ensure we find a safe and quick resolution to your heater repair in Northern Kentucky. We carry many of the parts you may need on our trucks to ensure we can provide you with the quickest service possible. We are committed to serving our customers with quality, reliable service to help keep you warm this winter. When you need furnace repairs or if you have questions about your HVAC system, Greater Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help.   We are also available 24/7 in an emergency.  Contact us today!