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The Top Benefits to Weatherizing Your Building—And How to Get Started

Ask someone if they weatherize their building and you often get varied responses…

“I know I should be weatherizing this time of year for better indoor air quality…but the season gets away from me.”

Or maybe you hear, “I haven’t done it for years and I don’t plan on it now…”

No matter your past history with weatherizing your building, you should know there are many reasons and benefits to weatherizing your building. Sure, it saves you major money and greatly reduces the energy you’re consuming, but it can also add long-term value to your building. Continue reading


Everything to Know About Your Electric Meter

Reading your electric meterHave you ever wondered exactly how your utility company calculates your bill each month?

Put simply, they use an electric meter. Service lines from your utility company connect to your home or building’s service head, which then connects to your electric meter. This meter measures the amount of electric energy consumed per billing unit (1).

It might sound a little complicated, but we’re here to break it down for you. Continue reading