olivia orso rising women leaders in HVAC

Rising Women Leaders in HVAC: Get to Know Olivia Orso

As HR Director at Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, in any given day, Olivia Orso can be found doing a variety of hands-on activities in her role. As someone who helps to cultivate the company culture, that can include everything from planning and leading policies and activities related to HR—to ensuring safety best practices are upheld across the company. “I make sure our company is compliant in all aspects, and that can include  IT, human resources and safety,” she explains.

Her leadership role also involves carrying out and implementing the vision of Dan Lickert, the owner/founder of Greater Comfort. “It’s important for our entire staff to buy in to the vision we have for the organization, so I help to support that in my role,” adds Olivia.

Keep reading our spotlight with Olivia to learn how she ended up in the HVAC industry and the mantra she lives her life by.

Q: How were you introduced to the HVAC industry?

Olivia: I accidentally walked into this field. I was doing temporary contract work for IT and insurance industries and after the company was originally assigned to shut down, I was assigned Greater Comfort and I never left.

Q: Greater Comfort is very connected with the local community. Speaking of the local community,  what is your favorite local restaurant?

Olivia: Mazunte and Pho Lang Thang. ( I love Tacos and Pho.)

Q: At Greater Comfort, your leadership is pivotal, and is helping to foster a healthy company culture. Do you have a mantra you live and work by?

Olivia: Brooklyn wasn’t built in just a day. It’s a spin to the phrase, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ by one of my favorite high school bands. I actually didn’t hear the original until much later.

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