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Need Emergency AC Repair in Cincinnati, Ohio?

When it’s especially hot out—or seemingly out of nowhere—your AC can breakdown or shut down. But that’s also why Greater Comfort offers you 24/7 AC repair services – so call us at 859-491-4915 now to get your system serviced as fast as possible.

After all, we recognize that when you air conditioning stops working as it should, you need help—and fast!

Signs You Need 24/7 Emergency Repair Service

Are you having an AC problems right now or do you suspect your AC could be having an issue?

Here are some signs you may have an issue with your air conditioner:

  • Your air temperature isn’t what it should be or you sense that your home isn’t be cooled like it normally is
  • You feel warm air coming out of your vents
  • Poor airflow
  • You smell an odor
  • You suspect there is a failing motor
  • You’re noticing your AC is cycling on and off constantly
  • You’re hearing sudden and/or abnormal noises
  • Your thermostat isn’t working
  • You’re seeing a leak and/or what appears to be pooled water
  • There is an unexplained lack of power
  • Unexplained high humidity in the home
  • Your energy bills are increasing or you saw a sudden spike in your bill

It’s important to know the warning signs that something may be wrong with your unit, and these are just a few of the symptoms something could be wrong.

Do You Need Emergency AC Repair in Cincinnati?

As a locally owned and operated company, we work 24/7 to find solutions to your AC emergency. If you suspect you need an AC repair, reach out to us here online or call us at 859-491-4915.

AC Breakdown? Call Greater Comfort for Your Emergency AC Repair

Why trust Greater Comfort for your heating and cooling needs?

We’re locally owned and operated – so we deeply care about every customer.  Based in Newport, Kentucky, we’ve served more than 45,000 customers in the last 15 years. Because we’re a locally owned/operated company, we care about every customer we serve. We often say how “Your comfort is our promise”—because it is, and we take that promise seriously.

Our team of experienced, trusted HVAC technicians. Our licensed and experienced HVAC technicians serve Kentucky, Southwest Ohio, and Southeastern Indiana. You can expect on-time, courteous, and knowledgeable technicians who offer up-front pricing so you know what to expect. It’s also important for us to ensure you are informed and confident with any decision you make about your heating and cooling, which is why we take pride in never pressuring customers to make any decision.

We believe in doing right by each other, our customers, and the communities we serve. For emergency 24/7 AC repair services, call Greater Comfort at 859-491-4915.


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