What To Know About Your HVAC When Preparing to Sell Your Home

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Did you know nearly 7 in 10 home buyers are willing to pay much for a home with central air conditioning than a home without? For many, a heating & cooling system is an extremely influential factor when deciding to buy a home.

If you’re thinking about selling your home at any time in the future, here are some tips to keep top of mind as you continue to take care of your home.

Recognize how you are using your programmer

When ensuring your home is in its optimal condition for selling, you want to be sure you have a programmable thermostat that lets you keep the house at a higher temperature when you are not home–and then cooler again during the hours you are consistently home. For central units, this is something new home owners will want to see today.

Ask us about your insulation

One of the “easiest” ways you can make sure you are maintaining an efficient home is to examine the way air is being sealed and your current home insulation. Also keep in mind that sometimes old insulation can be a problem, and may need to be replaced (moisture over time, etc.).

Having signs of outdated or under-insulated areas of your home could be a negative signal to people looking at your home, even if it is easy to replace and/or remove. Time and time again we see improvements that can greatly improve your insulation in your home! Additionally, many times adding the right kind of insulation before replacing an AC unit means you can help that unit perform more efficiently, which means more cost savings passed along to you in the meantime.

Replace your filters consistently

Of course you want to find the optimal mix between filtration and energy costs associated with pull the air through your filters, and you also want to make sure you are replacing your air filters as consistently as possible before putting your house on the market.

Typically you want to install a new filter every month during the cooling season (but ask us if you have any questions on that general guideline.) Remember that your AC’s efficiency is highly dependent on your filters. You can see the MERV of your filter to see how well your air is being filtered at any given time.

Properly fix any leaks

It seems like an obvious one, but be sure not to neglect any airflow leaks in the home. Remember that AC units can be tricky to seal properly, but the difference it makes can be substantial. Ask us if you need help to examining the airflow in your home.

Consider making an upgrade or going ductless—if the ROI is there

A general rule of thumb is that homes that have more modern, efficient cooling and heating systems are going to be easier to sell, and people will pay more for a more modern system. As ductless systems continue to become more and more popular, people are becoming more aware of the health and comfort benefit of an efficient system.

We are here to help if you have any questions or you think that your home could benefit from an upgrade. We can help you weigh the benefits and the estimated costs you will be able to add-in when selling your home.

Sign up for a seasonal maintenance/tune-up program

Regular maintenance of your home heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is critical for its long life, and it will pay off when you sell your home. Yes, it can prevent breakdowns, but it can also save you money in the meantime.

Greater Comfort’s preventative maintenance program includes two inspections per year. Beyond changing your filters to ensure optimal efficiency, we take a look and record the following on our cooling inspections:

  • Refrigerant charge
  • Refrigerant temperatures
  • Compressor amp draws
  • Condenser fan amp draws
  • Evaporator temperature drop
  • Evaporator fan moto amp draws
  • Mega OHM compressor windings
  • Verify proper thermostat operation & programming
  • Inspect contractors
  • Disconnects & wiring
  • Tightening of all electrical connections
  • Blowing out all condensate drains for debris and verifying proper operation

Not only will you make sure you are complying with your warranty, when applicable, but you won’t regret the effort you put into your home now as you prepare it for a future sale.