Common Electrical Problems with Air Conditioning Systems

Your air conditioner is an electrical system: it draws power to run the motors that operate its compressor and fans from your home’s electrical supply. The thermostat that allows you to communicate with your air conditioner also runs on electricity. AC’s can develop many types of mechanical problems from wear and tear if they do not receive proper maintenance—leaking coils, burnt-out compressors, misaligned fans—but they can also experience electrical troubles similar to the ones that occur in other appliances in your home.

Unless you have an electrical repair background and know the specific requirements of air conditioners, you won’t have the ability to properly repair most electrical problems with an AC. When you have an air conditioning system on the fritz because of electrical issues, get Newport, KY air conditioning repair specialists to take care of it. Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.® is ready 24 hours a day to get you re-wired for comfort.

Common electrical troubles to watch for:

The simple things: If your AC suddenly stops running, check that it’s connected to a power source. Then see if any circuit breaker has tripped. Go to the thermostat and make sure you have set it correctly.

Thermostat trouble: A digital thermostat gives you superior comfort control and energy savings. But digital thermostats contain complex electrical wiring, and if they fail you will either have a malfunctioning thermostat that turns the AC on and off at the wrong times, or a thermostat that won’t work at all. Thermostat problems are localized fixes that professionals can handle with ease—but don’t try to do the work yourself.

Improper voltage: If your air conditioner repeatedly trips circuit breakers, the issue may be that your AC’s power requirements do not match your home’s power supply. If an AC receives excessive voltage, it will burn out an internal safety fuse, and you’ll need a professional to replace it. The professional can also install a voltage regulator to prevent future problems. Voltage that’s too low for the AC will also trigger trouble, making your air conditioner “hard start” each time it turns on; this will wear the system down and lead to major repairs. The worst case scenario is your air conditioner will need a full replacement. (This is one of the reasons you should always rely on a dependable, professional company to perform AC installation; they’ll make sure your air conditioner is the right fit for your home.)

Work with electricity always carries the danger of shock, as well as causing damage to other wiring that will compound your troubles. Unless you have a few tripped circuit breakers or an unplugged system, put electrical work into the good hands of trained technicians. Your Newport, KY air conditioning repair work will be in great hands with Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.®


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