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Cincinnati HVAC Services: What to Know About A/C Repairs Right Now

Right now, A/C usage is up: after all, your spending more time than normal inside the home.

With that comes potential stress on the A/C, and that can sometimes mean more repairs.

Understandably, people have questions and concerns about repairing their A/C at the moment. We’re here to break down what you should know about getting your A/C repaired right now, based on your most common questions.

“Are You Still Doing Service Calls for Repair If Our A/C Breaks Down?”

Yes, we are still here to help service and repair your A/C right now! We’re able to do so while making sure your family stays comfortable and safe right now. If you need any service, you can call 859-491-4915 or reach out through the website.

We are diligently complying with Public Health guidance, including CDC guidance, to keep both you and our staff safe.

Just a few of those precautions we’ve taken include:

  • Frequently washing our hands, making sure to do so for at least 20 seconds.
  • When soap and water is not available, we’re using hand sanitizer frequently.
  • Thoroughly cleaning service trucks and equipment per CDC guidelines
  • We’re ensuring that employees are educated on cleaning, disinfecting, and practices to reduce the spreading of coronavirus as well as increase personal hygiene. This includes—among other things—knowing to avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth, especially with unwashed hands.
  • We’re able to limit and minimize contact we have with you
  • We’re able to wear gloves when possible
  • We have protocols in effect to ensure if someone has any sign or symptom of COVID-19, that this worker is not permitted to be in contact with others until the risk period has passed
  • Practicing social distancing as much as possible
  • Following steps to screen customers in order to protect our staff and other, future customers
  • Following all other local, state and federal guidelines for operating our businesses under current COVID-19 restrictions

With customers’ and employees’ health and safety as our top priority, please call 859-491-4915 if you have any questions or if you’d like to learn more about the practices we’re implementing to exercise extreme caution in this area.

“What Can I Do On My Own If I’m Having Trouble with the A/C or Furnace Before Calling Greater Comfort?”

It’s going to depend on the specific issue you may be having, but in some cases, it may help to do the following:

  • Make sure the air filters are cleaned and have been regularly changed out
  • Ensure your main power switch is turned on
  • Reset your circuit breakers
  • Ensure the thermostat switch is properly set

“Is There Anything Else I Should Know About a Service Call Right Now?” 

Remember, if you are showing any sign of symptoms or have any reason to believe you could have been exposed to someone with coronavirus, do not call or schedule an appointment with Greater Comfort. We have to put the health and safety of service techs and future customers first to limit the chance of potential infections or spread of disease.

Also remember how we’re implementing new practices to minimize contact. If we have discussion with you, it may be over the phone or from a distance or even outside, depending on the specific situation and setup.

We also won’t be shaking hands during any service calls. These are common sense steps we can take that comply with CDC guidelines.

Even if you believe you are not high-risk, we will still be following these practices.

“Healthy Air Is Top of Mind For Our Family. Are There Products You Offer That We Should Consider for Indoor Air Quality?”

There are many options available that can help ensure you have the highest indoor air quality possible today.

The state-of-the-art air purifier and/or purification systems we offer trap and kill bacteria, viruses, allergens and other pollutants in the conditioned air – and they work to keep them out of the air you are breathing. (Take for example one of our whole-house air cleaners that even re-purifies circulated indoor air as many as 8 times an hour!)

While we offer solutions that can reduce select bacteria and viruses in your home, please do remember that even if we have solutions with a >99% kill rate for common cold, strep bacteria and human influenza, these solutions have not been tested for novel coronavirus.

All in all, what you can do right now do is know that you are doing your best to improve the quality of air in your home, with the solutions we have available to you.

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