Air Conditioning Repairs Caused By Dust and Dirt

Your air conditioning system recirculates air from your home and pulls in air from outside to cool your home. All of this air can be carrying dust and dirt particles that can damage your air conditioner over time. We wanted to share some of the most common problems that his can cause so that our customers are aware of what’s going on with their system.

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Common Air Conditioning Issues Caused by Dust and Dirt

While your air conditioner does have an air filter in it, it will not be able to catch all of the he dust and dirt that gets pulled into the system. Here are a few of the issues that can develop because of that.

  • Clogged air filter – Probably the most common cause of air conditioning repair is a clogged air filter. A clogged air filter will restrict the flow of air through your system and cause a number of problems including reduced cooling in your home, increased wear and tear, reduced efficiency and possibly an increase in repairs.
  • Motor issues – Your air conditioner uses two different fans to cool your home: one inside and one in the outdoor condensing unit. If dirt and dust get clogged in the motors it could cause them to malfunction. You could notice that you aren’t getting enough air through your registers or that you aren’t getting enough cooling.
  • The coils – Your AC has two sets of coils: one inside called the evaporator coils and one set outside called the condensing coils. The evaporator coils absorb heat out of your home’s air while the condensing coils exhaust that heat to the outside air. If these coils get dirty it can restrict their ability to absorb or exhaust heat which could reduce your home’s comfort and your efficiency.

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