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7 Factors to Consider Before Installing an AC System

ac install in greater cincinnati Greater Comfort expertsConsidering a new AC system install? Here are 7 things to consider first.

1. Consider the size.

The size of the unit is key providing you with comfort, efficiency and longevity. Who wouldn’t want those 3 benefits from their system?

If the unit is running constantly, it is too small and will fail to cool your house enough in very hot weather. If the unit starts and stops frequently, it is too large and uses a lot of electricity – so it really is just as important as any other factor impacting how well your system will work for you. We can help insure that you have the correct size unit(s) for your home.

2. Find out more about your air quality.

You already know that quality of air is a critical component when it comes to comfort – and when it comes to our heath and well-being. Adjusting the airflow is important – and often times families aren’t even aware it is a problem. Tell the experts at Greater Comfort so we can test and adjust your ducts to fix the problem and to assure smooth airflow. We can help you find the right system of air quality control devices to bring you greater quality of air (1, 2).

3. Look for ductwork that works.

Good ductwork is an essential part of your system, since leaks can slow the cooling process and of course, they can impact efficiency. Know that we can seal or replace leaky ductwork to increase efficient cooling (1, 2).

4. Don’t forget about your coolant.

Becaus the price of Freon has increased greatly, it may be smarter to replace your AC unit, rather than to continue replacing Freon. Experts can guide you through this process to make sure you are informed and all your questions are answered (1, 2).

5. Consider the alternatives.

Today, you do not need vents to add air conditioning to your home. Traditionally, if you had radiators instead of a forced-air furnace, you had to install a full-house system of venting, or settle for window AC units. With a new ductless “mini-split” air conditioner you need only indoor air handlers, with no renovation (except a small hole in the wall to connect the outdoor and indoor units).

6. Set it and leave it!

If your thermostat is working adequately you can keep it, and save the cost of a new one. But in the long run, if you upgrade to a programmable thermostat, you can save money and not worry about adjusting the thermostat daily. Programmable thermostats will also save you money – while ensuring comfort – in the long-run. This is something that should be taken into consideration before getting any new system (1, 2).

7. Do the math.

Ready to save hundreds per year? They say that the numbers don’t lie and that may just be true when it comes to your HVAC. Other factors aside, here’s a common test you can use in order to decide whether to repair or replace your current air conditioner. Multiply the age of the unit (in years) by the repair cost. If that exceeds $5000, it may be time to replace the unit. Ask us for more information about crunching the numbers (1, 2).

Call the Experts at Greater Comfort to Learn More

If you’re exploring the idea of an AC install knowing your system will need an upgrade or replacement, if you’re just doing preliminary research, or if you need a new unit immediately, we have you covered. We’ve installed, maintained and repaired more than 25,000 HVAC systems in our 28-year history. Give the experts at Greater Comfort a call today at 859-491-4915 today.

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