Air Conditioning Tune-Up: Preventative Maintenance

A whole–house air conditioner is a major investment for any home or business owner, and must therefore be properly maintained over the course of many years. If necessary, it should be repaired quickly and efficiently to avoid extensive replacement costs. If you have an air conditioner that is past due for a tune up or you suspect is not working properly, take action now to reduce possible expenses later.

The Importance of Ongoing Air Conditioning Maintenance

Your air conditioner is a very important component of your HVAC system and provides reliable cooling for weeks or even months at a time each summer. To keep it running at top efficiency and keeping you cool effectively, we highly recommend having it inspected and tuned up once a year.

These annual tune ups, as part of a regular maintenance program, will ensure your cooling system is ready to handle the coming heat of the summer. During an air conditioning maintenance, we inspect the entire system, checking all electrical connections, lubricating the blower fan motor bearings, checking the filters in and outside of your air conditioner, checking the condensate line and drain, testing the compressor and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils. If any specific problems have cropped up or the system does not operate properly when we turn it on for the first time, we will perform additional inspections and repairs as needed.

The Greater Comfort Maintenance Program

Ask us about our preventative maintenance agreement, which includes two preventative maintenance inspections per year. These inspections will be at your convenience and scheduled prior to the visit. These inspections will be billed only after the work has been performed. The cost for each inspection will be $70.00. Our Maintenance Program is available across all of Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana. Call us now at 859-491-4915.

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