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Indoor Comfort: Is it Time for HVAC Zoning?

hvac zoning

Do different people in your home seem to want entirely different temperatures in order to be comfortable? Or maybe it’s just specific rooms in your house seem to always be much warmer than the others this time of year and into summer.

Whether you want to call it a “thermostat war” or a “comfort war,” the battles don’t have to continue. If you are craving greater comfort in your home, here are 5 things to know.

1. How a zoned system works.

With your zoning system, your AC (and heat) is activated based on areas that are in use, and based on the design and layout of your home. We first examine your home so that we can divide it into zones.

One of our goals is to minimize the flow of conditioned air to rooms that aren’t as used. For example, do you have different floors or areas of your home that receive a lot sunlight? Both of these factors, among others, are taken into consideration. Each zone will be setup with thermostats and duct dampers.

2. Why it’s more efficient.

If you only run AC or heat where it is needed, when it is needed, it’s going to be much more efficient than running your AC/heat throughout the entire home—either completely on or off. You can see why cooling each room/area differently, just based on when it’s needed, can add up to some major savings, not to mention greater control.

3. Why closed vents aren’t a fix.

You may think to yourself, “Can’t we just close the vents in certain rooms when they are unused or when the temperature in those rooms is not what we want it to be?” The answer is that your entire home was taken into consideration with your current HVAC system, including how your vents were set up.

If you “cut off” a room or area with closed vents, it takes away from efficiency in your home. In some cases, it can cause issues with airflow, too, when you shut vents (2). Said another way, it’s not a reliable solution that is good for your system.

4. When you will benefit from an install.

In the majority of cases with homes, it can be a good idea. But when is it a really good fit—one where you know it’s worth the investment to install your HVAC zoning system? You’ll see some of the biggest savings if you have any of these kinds of features in your home:

  • High ceilings, especially with an open layout
  • Areas of the home that are rarely used
  • Lofts of above-garage rooms
  • Large windows
  • A side or area of the house that’s much more impacted by sun each day
  • A sunroom
  • Multiple stories (1)

5. When it’s worth the investment.

A zoned system can save you 30 percent or more on utility bills, as a general rule of thumb. Recall your system is going to operate differently than forced-air systems, which operate intermittently, or turning on and off again and again.

The all-or-nothing traditional heating and cooling method means paying to heat or cool the entire house, all the time. Home zones are most commonly installed in new construction, or when you are replacing the HVAC units in your home, but remember that they can be cost-effective even as a separate project. Additionally, remember that you comfort can be greatly impacted, which can be worth that investment. Ask us for more information so we can help you figure out if it’s worth the investment.

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