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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality This Summer: Everything You Want to Know

improve your air quality this summer

If you’re near exhaust gas coming from the back of a vehicle, you probably try to hold your breath until it passes, right? You can visibly see this type of air pollution, so you do your best to avoid it.

Indoors, it’s a little different. Even though it sounds like a no-brainer to make sure you’re breathing clean air, not seeing anything visibly wrong with the air around you might cause you to push the issue aside.

The quality of the air in your home is more important than you think. In fact, according to a study done by the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American spends 87% of their time indoors (1). That’s a pretty significant chunk of your life, which means it’s critical that you’re breathing in clean air while you’re indoors. Continue reading


P-Series Systems: Maximum Comfort & Energy Savings

mitsubishi p series

Are you in need of an HVAC system for a commercial or large residential building? Mitsubishi’s P-Series systems may be the right fit for you.

There are ductless and ducted units available, both having different advantages depending on your needs. Continue reading


Humidity Problem? How to Regulate Humidity Levels in Your Home

nky humidity

Did you know that the muggiest period of the year in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area lasts 4 months? More specifically, it typically lasts from May 24 to September 23. The comfort level during these months can be described as muggy, oppressive, or even miserable at least 16% of the time (1). Yikes!   Continue reading


Say Hello to These New Smart Home Products

trend watch smart home gadgets

We know you’re well versed in the world of thermostats by now, but there are a few smart home products that you probably don’t know about. Technology is constantly evolving, and so are its benefits for your home. Check out these hot and new gadgets that can help make your life a little easier, and your home a little smarter.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Ever forget your garage door opener at home? Or can’t seem to find it while digging through your center console and driving? Chamberlain offers a MyQ garage door opener system that connects directly to your smart phone. You simply tap your device, and you can open or close your garage door from anywhere (1).

If you’re wondering if your system will connect, MyQ can operate with virtually all the main brands of garage door openers manufactured after 1993 (1).

Touchscreen Electronic Smart Lock

Safety is often the number one priority in any home; thus, it’s important to remember to always lock your doors. However, it can sometimes become a hassle if you forget your key, or even unsafe if you have to leave the front door unlocked for a family member coming home later without a key.

Kwikset has developed an electronic deadbolt, called the SmartCode 916. Unlike other locks, the SmartCode 916 is small in size and less noticeable (1). The system operates with electronic access codes; you can assign friends and family permanent codes, while you can give temporary codes to guests that only work for specific time periods (1, 2).

It Bed by Sleep Number

Sleep Number beds have been on the market for years, but they’ve just recently developed a new bed called It. In addition to having adjustable firmness like all Sleep Number beds, the It Bed connects to your smartphone to help you sleep better.

It connects to an app on your smartphone called SleepIQ, which allows you to control your comfort, track your sleep, and improve your sleep by monitoring your heart rate, breathing rate, times of restlessness, and more (3).

Smart Changing Pad

Parents with little ones are always checking to ensure their child’s health is at its best. With Hatch Baby’s new Smart Changing Pad, parents can easily track their infant’s health metrics right from home.

It serves as a regular changing pad, but also has a built-in, wireless smart scale which helps keep tabs on the baby’s weight, diaper changes, food intake, and more. All of this information is tracked through an app accompanied to the pad, which can be shared with a pediatrician (4).

Family Hub Refrigerator

Being at the grocery store and not being able to remember whether or not you have eggs at home in the refrigerator—an all too familiar experience for almost everyone.

What if you could have your refrigerator send you pictures of its inside at any moment? Well, you can. Samsung has created a new Family Hub Refrigerator that allows you to order groceries, listen to music, watch television, leave notes for family members, and even view each other’s schedules through a touchscreen (1).

Voice Control Smart Home Hub

One of the more popular smart gadgets that has emerged in the past few years is called Google Home.

Google Home can control other smart home devices, stream music, and perhaps most impressive, can respond to voice commands (1). Don’t feel like setting your alarm for the morning? Tell Google Home to do it. It can even detect different voices in your home, which offers you a more personalized experience (5).

The HapiFork

Are you always the first one to finish at the dinner table? Eating too quickly can actually make you gain weight. Because it takes your body about 20 minutes to send signals of fullness to your brain, you might not feel full if you’re eating too fast (6).

The HapiFork is a Bluetooth-enabled utensil that can sense when you’re eating too quickly, and will vibrate when this happens. It might sound silly for some, but it offers a solution to a serious problem for others (4).

Want a “Smart Home”? Call Us to Learn About Your Thermostat Options

Would you use any of these innovative new products? Let us know! Call the experts at Greater Comfort today to ensure that your thermostat is making your home smarter by working as efficiently as possible: 859-491-4915.


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Fast Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

cincinnati HVAC







Try these quick and easy tips to start seeing energy and cost savings in the near future.

Make Your Landscape Work For You

Look outside the home to save money on costs inside the home. Radiant heat from the sun can be working directly against your air conditioner when your shades and blinds are raised. But if you plant a 6-8 foot deciduous tree near your home, it will start shading your windows as soon as the first year.

Depending on the type of tree and the height of your home, it could start shading your roof in as little as 5-10 years. That’s a quick return on investment, and creates a nice improvement to your landscaping.

Why deciduous? A deciduous tree blocks solar heat in the summer, but since it loses its leaves, will let sunlight and heat into the house during the winter months. Compare that to evergreens, which provide continuous shade, and won’t provide you with a benefit in the cooler months (1,2).

Make The Switch To LED

Have you switched to more energy efficient lighting? Making the switch to this modern option is one of the fastest ways to lowery our energy bill. For example, just by replacing your home’s five most frequently used light fixtures with Energy Star bulbs, you can save $75 per year.

LED bulbs save you the most money. You’ll save at least 75% by switching to this model compared to the traditional incandescent bulbs of the past that are no longer on the market. Even compared with halogen incandescents, LEDs use 25-30% less energy and last up to 25 times longer. For a small investment now, you can enjoy the cost savings on your energy bill for years to come (3).

Fix Air Leaks

For just a few dollars and an hour or two of your time, you could save 10% or more annually on your energy bill. Air leaks can waste energy and money quickly, both in summer months by letting hot air inside, and in winter months with resulting chilly drafts. Patching these leaks is one of the quickest and best money-saving tasks you can accomplish.

Your goal is to caulk, seal and weather strip any cracks or large openings that lead outside the home. When purchasing your caulk, keep in mind that you will likely need about one cartridge to complete the seal on two windows or doors. These tubes of window and door caulk range between $2 and $10.

Don’t forget to pick up a caulking gun to squeeze out the product and ensure proper application. This job will be done in just an hour or two, but you will enjoy the results immediately (1, 4).

Consider Storm Windows

Replacing old windows in your home with new, energy-efficient windows will provide the best return on investment, but will be a costly initial investment. A great alternative for a less expensive option is to use storm windows. Storm windows can still help you save a significant amount: approximately 12-33% on HVAC costs. They work by reducing the air movement into and out of existing windows (5).

Take Advantage Of The Weather

Did the weather man predict a cool night? Take advantage of “natural ventilation”. This type of ventilation relies on the chimney effect to keep a home cool. It works best if your evening forecast includes a cool night and a bit of a breeze. All you need for this quick energy saver is a good memory, the use of your windows and a cool summer night.

Turn off your cooling system and open your windows while you sleep, allowing the fresh, cool air to transfer into your house and giving your AC unit a break. Just don’t forget to shut the windows and blinds when you wake in the morning to capture the cool air inside the house (1,6).

Schedule A Professional Energy Audit

Before you write this off as another unnecessary expense, consider this: The goal of an energy audit from Greater Comfort is to provide an overview of how your home uses energy and find ways that you can reduce consumption without incurring large additional costs.

In other words, we want to help your system work more efficiently so that you can save money. We will determine if your home or building needs upgrades or other specific actions to improve efficiency. You will be given a list with specific action steps and can select those which make the most sense to you.

Call Us To Schedule Your Energy Audit Today

Call the experts at Greater Comfort today to ensure you’re getting the most savings as quickly as possible: 859-491-4915.


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Summer is Almost Here: Make Sure Your Home Is As Comfortable As Possible

tips to make sure your AC is working effectively greater comfort blog

Summer weather is (almost) upon us, which means enjoying plenty of sunshine and warm days outside! Of course you’ll want to relax inside comfortably when the fun in the sun ends and you head back inside.

Now is the time to prepare for summer; you can take simple steps to make sure your AC is in proper working condition for these next few months and beyond. Continue reading


Indoor Comfort: Is it Time for HVAC Zoning?

hvac zoning

Do different people in your home seem to want entirely different temperatures in order to be comfortable? Or maybe it’s just specific rooms in your house seem to always be much warmer than the others this time of year and into summer.

Whether you want to call it a “thermostat war” or a “comfort war,” the battles don’t have to continue. If you are craving greater comfort in your home, here are 5 things to know. Continue reading


Greater Comfort in the Cincinnati Community

greater comfort in the community

Did you know Greater Comfort has been serving all of Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati and Southeastern Indiana for nearly 30 years?

In fact, more than 25,000 families and businesses have trusted us to help them with all their HVAC needs.

That’s part of why the Greater Comfort team is glad to be involved in our local community. Looking ahead to the Campbell Cup and the Bluegrass Games—two local soccer tournaments which we’re helping to sponsor—we thought it would be a great time to look at some of the fast facts on soccer here in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

Home to the Fastest Growing Professional Club Team

FC Cincinnati, our brand new, fast-growing local soccer team, is a United Soccer League (USL) club that began play just last year, in 2016.

With much success and popularity in its first season, this season so far has been just as popular. In April 15, at the team’s first home game, the team set a record for a home opening game with 23,144 people in attendance at Nippert Stadium.

It’s not surprising, then, that FC Cincinnati has been grabbing national attention, and the attendance consistently rivals that of MLS teams in large cities. Last year, we started to hear rumors of how the club is in fact pursuing becoming an MLS franchise.

When the MLS Commissioner, Don Garber, came to town, large crowds showed up to welcome him. He went on a mini-tour of the city, making stops at Nippert to see the current facilities, but also going to downtown and the OTR area. Heavily covered throughout social media by fans in the community, the trip also included a Town Hall meeting.

It’s hard to know what the future holds since many other cities are also being considered, but it’s exciting for Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati soccer fans.

Home to Some of the Top Competitive Soccer Clubs

For years people have wondered why we didn’t have a local, successful, sustainable professional soccer team, and part of the reason why was because the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky competitive soccer landscape is…well, so competitive!

Youth, recreational, academy and club teams here include Ohio Elite, Beechmont Soccer Club, Boone County YSA, Campbell County North Soccer Club, Cincinnati United Premier, STAR Soccer Club, Ohio United FC, Total Futbol Academy, just to name a few! (There really are too many to name them all!)

High school soccer is just as competitive in the area, with many private and public state championships in both Kentucky and Ohio coming from the area.

With all these families being engaged with and connected to soccer, Cincinnati is also home to three other professional soccer teams. As of right now, we have two outdoor teams, the Cincinnati Kings and Cincinnati LadyHawks, and one indoor team, the Cincinnati Excite.

We’re proud to be sponsoring an activity that is so popular in the area and is helping our families get outside and have fun in the process. Good luck to all the teams participating in soccer tournaments this spring and summer, including the Campbell Cup and the Bluegrass Games!

Greater Comfort: Proudly Serving Neighborhoods Across the Greater Cincinnati Region 

We’re proud to be supporting our local community, both keeping you comfortable at home, but also supporting you out on the field.

Greater Comfort is here to make your home as comfortable as possible. Offering competitive rates and service from factory-trained heating and air conditioning technicians, you can rest assured that you are getting high quality service every time you call us.

We are an authorized dealer of some of the most trusted brands in our industry to match your homes heating and cooling needs. Contact us today at 859-491-4915 to schedule service or to setup an estimate.


Air Conditioning 101: What Your Family Should Know

AC 101 greater comfort

Now that spring and summer weather is upon us, you and your family are probably considering starting switching to AC – if you haven’t already.

The air conditioner is a wonderful invention that combines several scientific principles and mechanical techniques to successfully reduce temperature in a building. Understanding how your air conditioning unit works will help you save energy this season. Continue reading

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