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Too Much Moisture in the Air? How to Deal with Humidity in the Home

comfort in your home

Although it seems to be getting a bit cooler this past week here in Greater Cincinnati, it definitely has been humid and hot in recent weeks. Since humidity has been such as popular topic recently, we decided to break down some of what you should know. Here’s to hoping mother nature sends us a few cooler and less humid days in the coming weeks! Continue reading


How Your HVAC Impacts Your Quality of Sleep

greater comfort HVAC newport kentucky

Let’s face it – a good night’s sleep is invaluable. And the last thing you want negatively impacting a good night’s sleep is an HVAC system that isn’t up to par. If your lack of sleep is related to your HVAC system, there is good news – there is a fix! Check out the ways a smoothly running HVAC will keep your slumber sound.

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Home Zoning: Customized Heating & Cooling That Delivers Ultimate Comfort

greater comfort heating and cooling fort thomas KY

Imagine if every room of your house could be set to a temperature that makes sense for that room.

No one in a particular part of your house for part of the year? No need to spend money making it the perfect temperature! Part of your home seem to always be the wrong temperature? No need to over-cool or over-heat the rest of the house just to get that one room the right temperature!

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Going On Vacation? Here Are the Top Energy Efficiency Tips for Your Home

energy efficiency tips while on vacation

Are you taking a vacation this summer?

Vacation is a great time to relax and unwind. And how much better would it be if you came back to a smaller electric bill that month? Add these quick and easy energy-saving tips to your packing and prep list to save a little money while you are away!

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This is What You Might Not Know About Air Filters

everything to know about air filtersHeating and air conditioning can be…well, complex. Want to know one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your air quality? The answer: simply by using air filters.

Originally, filters were built into HVAC systems to keep the moving parts of the furnace free of dust and debris. But, fast forward to today, and air filters are primarily used to improve the quality of the air that flows through your home. Continue reading


2 Steps to Take Before Buying Your New Home

hvac technician at greater comfort newport kentucky

So you’re thinking about buying a new home. Maybe it’s your first, or maybe you’ve owned several homes in the past.

Either way, here are two critical—but often overlooked—steps to take when you are narrowing down, or making a final decision on buying a new home.

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12 Fun Facts that Will Surprise You About Air Conditioning

air conditioning newport kentucky

We are lucky to be able to get through the dog days of summer without much discomfort. It’s wonderful to be able to sit through a long business lunch in a suit without breaking a sweat—and to come in from an afternoon of yard work and feel the refreshing blast of air greet us at the door. Or to snuggle into our favorite pajamas and not miss a wink because we didn’t have to wake up feeling like we were baking.

Here are some surprisingly cool facts about the innovation that keeps us comfortable during these hot summer days and nights. Continue reading


Learn the Benefits of an HVAC Zoning System

home zoning HVAC
With a home zoned heating and cooling system, you can customize the comfort of each part of your house. That also means you can cut down on wasted energy, especially in rooms that you barely spend any time in!

What is a Home Zone System?

A home zone system is a heating and cooling system that divides the house into different zones, just like it sounds. Each zone typically has a separate thermostat to help manage the heating and cooling of that part of the house.

Each zone also has electronic dampers in the ductwork which can help control the amount of hot or cold air that is sent to each zone.

In order to set up a “zoned home,” you just set each thermostat to the temperature you want for that area, and your system opens or closes the dampers enough to achieve that desired temperature. This way, you are saving money by not over-heating or over-cooling parts of your house that don’t need to be at that temperature. If you’re thinking of your basement, attic, front or back of your house that’s always a different temperature than you’d like – this might be a solution for you!

Here are 4 situations when a zoned home might be a solution for you.

  1. Multi-story homes. Many people have homes that have an upstairs and a lower level. If you do, you are well aware that hot air rises in the home, and as a result your top floors are going to consistently be warmer than your other levels. If you make each floor a zone, you can better control the temperature across your home, which means saved energy and a more comfortable, even temperature no matter what level you are on!
  2. Rooms you don’t often use or spend time in. People with studies, guest rooms, attics, or sometimes even a basement, aren’t always using all the areas of their home on a regular basis. You shouldn’t be paying to cool or heat those areas, just like you are paying to cool or heat areas like the kitchen or your bedroom – areas that you often occupy! When you split your home into zones, you no longer have to spend so much energy to keep those areas at the same temperature as the rest of the house – until you want to.
  3. Different preferences on the desired temperature of the house. Do you have that family member who is always cold, or maybe always warmer than everyone else? Or maybe your house is divided – and some people like it cooler, and some people like it a bit warmer. If this sounds familiar, home zoning is one way to keep everyone happy and at the temperature that makes them feel comfortable!
  4. Sun or large windows that impact the air in your home. North-facing and south-facing rooms have naturally different temperatures, and if you have high ceiling or windows, this can also impact how your home is naturally being heated or cooled. In the past, you may have found that customizing each area of the home would almost be impossible because of these factors. Now, with home zoning , you can have different temperature control zones that give you greater control of your comfort but also reduce your energy consumption.

But is home zoning worth the installation cost, including in an existing home?  

It’s true that home zones are most commonly installed in new construction, or when you are replacing the HVAC units in your home, but remember that they can be cost-effective even as a separate project. Additionally, remember that you comfort can be greatly impacted, which can be worth that investment.

Ready to keep every area of your home at the right temperature?

Home zone systems come in a variety of costs and configurations. They include an electronic damper installed into the ductwork for each zone, controlled by a thermostat located in the zone, and wired through a central control panel.

Generally speaking, some also include redesigning of the ductwork layout to improve your zone efficiency, and more advanced devices to balance the air pressure in the ducts and for other improvements to the process. In a large home, or in some cases, in historic/older homes where comfort throughout the house is hard to achieve, two separate heating and cooling systems can be installed to further increase efficiency.

Call Greater Comfort For Your Indoor Comfort Needs

By having the experts at Greater Comfort take a look at your home, we can help you find the solution that can give you greater control over the temperature in your home. Want to learn more? Give the experts at Greater Comfort a call today at 859-491-4915.


Why You Should Hire a Design-Build HVAC Contractor For Your Next Project

design build HVAC contractor cincinnati ohio greater comfortLooking for design and build services?

What makes our services unique from so many others is that we can both design and build your systems from scratch as needed – all with our more than 28 years of experience in doing so.

Energy costs are the largest ongoing expense of a home or commercial building – besides, in some cases, taxes. A system that provides total comfort efficiently is a major feature that every owner wants but at the same time, construction costs are always important to take a look at as well. But that’s part of why you want to build an entire system designed, built and matched to work as efficiently as possible for the very specific demands you will place on it.

The question remains: when – and why – should you use an experienced, HVAC design-build firm to design and construct your HVAC system?

1. Experienced professionals with your best interest in mind.

When you need a team that can be completely devoted to your project, you need a design build HVAC team. With a team of experts, you know that you are getting a solution from a team that’s seen similar projects (and challenges) before.

The heating and air conditioning industry is robust, offering a number of solutions for home and business owners in almost every region, and certainly the Tri-State is no different!

2. The ability to build from the ground-up.

Only a select few can both design and build your HVAC system from the ground up – knowing the limitations and challenges that inevitable come with projects that they’ve been a part of, similar to yours. From measurement of the square footage in your home requiring heat, to fabrication of your ductwork, and development of a ventilation system that allows in fresh air without wasting valuable heating and cooling, our designers strive for the perfect balance of comfort and cost efficiency.

This special combination of services allows us to be a leading expert in all forms of heating and air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair – all of which you want from your HVAC expert team.

3. Accountability to you. 

Many people and business owners are concerned with timeline and costs incurred – which is very understandable. Also, many times, the longer a project goes on, or the more delays a project has, the more costs are incurred, but it’s our responsibility to make sure not only are efficiency and budget needs met but, both that those are met with installation and ongoing operations.

Design build HVAC professionals can be your advocate to make sure timelines are followed – as well as budgets! Think of them as the team that helps hold everyone accountable, which an invaluable resource when it comes to getting the project done, on time and on spec. That’s the real expertise that you need in the design-build method.

Call Greater Comfort For Your Design–Build Engineered and Certified Drawing Services

In recent years, design–build contracts have become a significant trend in the home construction and HVAC industries. Under the standard design–bid–build approach, the design and construction of a home or commercial building is separated, which means you end up paying for separate services. This can increasingly add to your bill by the time the project is complete.

By having one of our engineers design your construction and home comfort or commercial HVAC systems, there is only one contract and one price for the overall project. Want to learn more? Give the experts at Greater Comfort a call today at 859-491-4915.


What to Know About Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

greater comfort_get rewarded for your energy efficiencyYou can lower your taxes by installing a surprising number of improvements to your house, from more insulation to a complete solar energy system. There are lots of rules to examine – and here we take a look at just a few. Fortunately, we can help lead you to these tax savings based on your specific situation. Continue reading

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