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It’s Time to Switch to Heat—But that Shouldn’t Mean You Sacrifice Comfort

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For all of us across Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati, fall means switching to heat! Here’s what you need to know about staying comfortable during the winter.

Control Your Humidity & Temperature In Your Home

If you have a lack of moisture in the air in your home during the fall or winter, you can negatively impact your health, comfort and your home. Humidity—lack of, or too much—is one of the major factors that can affect our overall comfort in the home!

What are the signs that you are lacking humidity in your home?

If you feel you have abnormally dry skin, a scratchy throat, or you’ve noticed itchy eyes, or even a lower than normal immune function, the air in your home could be to blame! Not only does the drier air actually feel cooler, but it can actually increase our risk of contracting colds. Getting a humidifier is your solution for an effective, efficient and sustainable way to add vapor back into the air throughout your home.

On the flip side, too much moisture in the air can mean fungus, mold and dust mites will thrive in the home, which of course is bad for our health and worsens allergies and asthma.

Beyond controlling the amount of air in our home, furnaces help control the temperature throughout our home—another major factor in our day-to-day comfort. Gas furnaces will use burners to ignite fuel to give you steady heat, and conventional furnaces turn the gas flame off and on as the furnace cycles. More innovative systems can use special gas valves to incrementally adjust the flow of fuel, providing even greater control and consistent heat (and even energy savings).

Last, a programmable thermostat provides—when utilized—gives you complete control for you and your family, and some advanced models even tie-in humidity control. Ask us for more information if you ‘re looking to better control your heat and the level of moisture in your air.

Two-stage heating also gives more control. With two-stage heating, the furnace has high for cold winter days and then low for milder days. Usually the low setting meets household heating demands, meaning the furnace “starts” in the first stage, where the amount of heat required is lower.

A two-stage unit doesn’t give you that sudden blast of air, and it gives you very consistent comfort, more even heat distribution, and can regulate temperature very close to desired settings.

Control Your Air Quality

During winter, impurities in the air in our home can irritate our eyes, our nose and lungs. Part of the air quality picture is humidity control, and as described, having the right amount of moisture in the air means we can minimize the risk of pollutants and things like mold in our home.

A second component is air purification. Getting a filtration and air purification system attached to your furnace or air handler means you can remove and destroy air pollutants and contaminants. This is a critical way in order to better control the air in our home.

Not to be forgotten is the power of ventilation, which is powerful in getting fresh air into our home, and stale air out of the home. Especially when thinking about tightly sealed homes, we’re able to enhance indoor air quality because we’re able to remove those pollutants that we don’t want in the home. Consider how single-room air cleaners are focused on one room, as you would guess. These are small and are portable. Whole-home air cleaners are permanently integrated solutions that are typically tied to your HVAC.

Ready to get rid of dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, mold, mildew, germs and the chemical vapors and odors that might be in your home?

Get greater control of the air in your home by taking advantage of the latest air cleaning technology. Give us a call today at 859-491-4915.


Top Winter Home (And Furnace) Myths That Still Persist

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Are you ready for winter? Here are some of the top misconceptions about taking care of your home leading up to, and during, the winter months.

1. Insulated Windows Aren’t That Important.

False! While replacing windows may or may not save you a large amount of money, the idea that insulated windows are not important is untrue. That’s because insulated windows mean that you’re helping to prevent heat from escaping, and you’re also creating a warmer window surface on the inside. If you can work against heat transfer, while combating condensation issues, it’s a win-win for your home.

2. What to Do With Your Heat Pump in Case of a Power Outage.

If the power goes out, typically it is recommended to switch your thermostat to the emergency heat setting. If you have an electric heat pump, special care is needed when you turn your unit on after an extended period of time where the power has been out, in part due to how the lubricant in the refrigerant must warm-up. Although it may vary based on manufacturer, typically you also want the system to run for at least an hour after the power comes back on.

3. Your Home Will Heat Up Faster If You Set the Thermostat Extra High.

Consider how your furnace works: it’s just delivering air at a same rate, not a faster rate depending on how high (or low) that temperature is set to. That means setting your thermostat extra high will not help it heat up any faster if you come home to a cold house and want to warm-up more quickly. This is similar to the myth of setting your AC down to a temperature lower than the desired house temperature to try to get the house to cool down faster—it just does not work that way.

4. You Don’t Have to Winterize Water Lines Each Year.

You already know that water freezes and expands, so you probably value the idea of switching off your air conditioner’s water shut-off valve. You also don’t want to overlook draining the AC hoses and pipes so that any water inside the equipment won’t lead to any problems. Outside hoses must be drained and stored each year.

5. You Can Skip a Year When It Comes to Your Furnace Tune-Up.

Regular maintenance has to be just that: regular. You’ve heard the comparisons to visiting the dentist or changing your oil, but the truth of the matter is you do extend the life of your system, save energy, keep your family as safe as possible, and also reduce health risks by getting your system checked in the fall and in the spring.

Recall how as much as 3 out of 4 service calls in the fall and winter months because of no heat are tied back to a lack of system maintenance. That’s just one more reason to schedule an appointment with us today.

6. You Conserve Energy (or Save Money) When You Turn Off Your Heat During the Day.

Many of us are looking to maximize efficiency and save money where we can—but you don’t conserve energy when you turn off the heat in your home during the day while you are away. Turning off the heat and then letting the temperature drop is not only something that can be hard on your system, but it’s extra risky when you live in a place that has a high risk of frozen water pipes.

Said another way, letting the temperature drop by turning off your heat completely won’t save you the money you intended to save and it can increase your risk in damage due to water pipes bursting. Instead, simply use your programmable thermostat to drop in the day when you are away (rather than shut it off entirely), but then to rise again when you are back home.

Call us today at 859-491-4915 to schedule and ask us about our preventative maintenance agreement that can save you time and money.


Are Furnace Inspections Really Necessary?

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If you find yourself asking this question, the answer is a big YES, you do need regular maintenance by a certified HVAC expert!

The benefits of getting regular maintenance include that you will extend the life of your system, you will save energy, you will keep your family as safe as possible and can you can reduce other health related-risks.

Recall that part of what a furnace inspection does is make sure you have no carbon monoxide leaks. Because carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, it’s hard for homeowners to know or detect that these may exist in the home. These leaks lead to symptoms like nausea, dizziness, and headaches, but they can also lead to death.

Approximately 500 people die each year, and 15,000 people are taken to emergency rooms due to carbon monoxide exposure—even though this could have bee preventable in most cases. (Source.)

Also, many HVAC systems also require regular maintenance in order for the warranty to be valid. Despite how manufacturer’s insist that maintenance is necessary for our HVAC system, as much as 3 out of 4 service calls in the fall and winter months because of no heat were related to a lack of system maintenance, according to Angie’s List. That means that as much as 75 percent of those no-heat calls potentially could have been avoided with regular maintenance by qualified professionals.

HVAC Maintenance Program by Greater Comfort

Not only are you keeping your family safe and saving money when we make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible, we will check and record the following:

  • Check evaporator fan motor amp draws
  • Verify proper manifold gas pressure
  • Check induced draft motor amp draw
  • Verify all safety’s
  • Clean flame rod (if applicable)
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Inspect flue and fresh air make–up
  • Inspect contractors
  • Electric resistance heating elements
  • Disconnects & wiring
  • Tightening all electrical connections
  • Verify proper thermostat operation & program

So Do I Really Need To Call my HVAC?

Again, if you want to make a small investment for the life of your HVAC system and to help ensure you don’t have an emergency situation when the cold temperatures hit, the right thing to do is to set up your maintenance with a qualified and trusted HVAC expert.

When you go to call your HVAC to get your tune-up, be sure that what you are getting is a comprehensive maintenance program. In other words, do a bit of research before you buy or agree to a contract/service visit. What you don’t want is to only receive service for one or a few items on the list you see above. Also be sure that you are contacting a qualified, trained technician.

In the end, it really isn’t just about safety—although that should be a compelling reason, too—but it is about preventative maintenance.

Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Southeastern Indiana Residents Turn to Greater Comfort

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy Heating & Air Conditioning Company, check out our exceptional reviews here, and give Greater Comfort a call today.


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3 Must-Know Tips to Keep Your Home Healthy This Fall & Winter

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From getting better sleep to dealing with the winter cold, here are 3 of the top tips to keep your home as healthy as possible this autumn and winter.

Consider a humidifier for better air quality & greater comfort

Many of us are more aware of the benefits of a dehumidifier in the home, working to help us avoid too much humidity that can have a negative effect on our health. But are you aware that during the fall and winter, many homes could benefit from a humidifier?

If you feel you have abnormally dry skin, a scratchy throat, or you’ve noticed itchy eyes, these are just a few of the signs the air in your home may be too dry.

From poor ability to heat the home to making the cold and flu linger longer than necessary, getting a humidifier can help the problem. Humidifers can provide an effective, efficient and sustainable solution that can work to add vapor back into the air throughout your home. Ask us for more information about the solution that can is optimal for you and your family.

Cool down the temperature at night for better sleep

Many of us take advantage of our programmable thermostats in the summer or possibly when we go away on vacation. But did you realize you can simply set your thermostat for a lower bedtime temperature, and this small change can actually help improve your sleep?

While it’s different for everyone, having the thermostat turned down at night can help many people actually get a higher quality of sleep…and better sleep means better health!

But just how cold should you set your temperature at night to find optimal sleep but also comfort? According to Time Magazine, having a lower core temperatures help tell the body its time to sleep. Researchers cited found evidence that the ideal temperature at night is around 65 degrees.

Get your furnace tune-up now so you can be comfortable later

Many of us in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky are well aware that winters here can be harsh (and sometimes much more mild). Either way, from fall to wintertime, we can really grow to appreciate the heat from a gas furnace when it’s cold outside. An energy-efficient furnace not only keeps your costs low, but it also keeps your family warm and taken care of.

Consider these other benefits of your advanced, efficient furnace:

  • Greater temperature control throughout all areas of your home
  • Consistent air flow means you don’t have to worry about your ideal temperature being maintained
  • Gentle flow air—even when temperatures change rapidly, you won’t experience those rushes of cold air
  • Quiet operation so your family can focus on spending time with each other during the winter months without any distraction

Want to learn more about the trusted, affordable brands we offer? Give us a call today at (859) 491-4915 whether it is for your fall maintenance or if you are looking for furnace repair or  installation options before the temperature drops for good.



Top Things to Know About Controlling Humidity Levels within Your Home

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Any Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky resident knows that it can get humid in the summer here.

Many of us are aware of what happens when a home has too much humidity—humidity being the amount of water vapor that’s in the air.

We see signs of the extra condensation that can peel paint, lead to mold or can even rot woodwork. Excess humidity can even do damage to upholstery. We might not notice it as readily, but it can also mean dust mites, fungus, and an increase in allergy-related issues when there is too much humidity in the air in our home.

If your home is set up with the proper ventilation, you can keep this from happening, despite living in a city with naturally high humidity in the summer/spring. By turning your humidifier off or down, or even by taking advantage of a dehumidifier, you can lower humidity effectively in your home.

We can also use fans while cooking, and in the bathroom we can turn on fans to help exchange air. When the time is right, ask us for more information to see if a dehumidifier is right for you.

At the same time, we actually want a certain level of humidity…but just not one that’s too high! 

The optimal humidity range for indoor air quality is between 35 and 50 percent, with some experts citing a range of 40 and 60.

During winter, we know that humidity levels drop: cold air has less capacity to hold moisture, so with a dip in temperatures, we see a dip in humidity.

What happens if humidity levels are too low?

Our bodies are more sensitive to humidity than you might realize, we just often feel the discomfort or see the signs more in the summer or spring. When you have forced air heating, furnaces use combustion to create hot air. This can contribute even further to the problem within the home.

What are some signs you may be seeing when the humidity is low in your home?

It might be static electricity or even extra dry skin or hair. It might be a scratchy throat or itchy eyes. You might also have problematic sinuses—especially in the kids. In fact, if the humidity is too low, it can even worsen or prolong the flu or colds. At a certain point, we can see damage in our furniture or wood since the air is so dry.

From poor ability to heat the home to making the cold and flu even worse, getting a humidifier can help the problem.

Whole-House Humidifier to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Humidifers work through a reservoir that holds water. With cool mist humidifiers, air passes through the filter and evaporates some of the water into the room. With warm mist humidifiers, water is heating and then dispersed into the air.

A more effective, efficient and sustainable solution that can be better controlled is an whole house humidifier. These humidifiers compensate for the dry air we experience in the winter by working directly with your furnace. Vapor is distributed through your heated air and it then circulates throughout the house thanks to your duct system. Because it takes the entire house into consideration—rather than just working in one room as a portable humidifier would—you experience a more even and controlled humidity system.

Ask us about the humidifier that is best for your system, and that can actually help to make your existing HVAC more efficient, in many cases. Since winter can bring about moist air in certain places of the home—while other places can have air that is too dry—we can help you better control humidity across your entire home.

Want to know more about the indoor humidity levels affecting the health of you and your family?

Ask us to help you see what your indoor humidity levels are, and how you can track your level on an ongoing basis. If you see any sign of condensation accumulating on your windows or mold, you know that you likely have too much humidity. If you have drier-than-normal skin or hair, or even irritated sinuses, you may be looking at humidity that is too low. In these upcoming months, if you notice more static electricity than normal, dried paint, or millwork that has cracked, let us know.


October is Fire Prevention Month—A Reminder of Why Periodic HVAC Maintenance Is Crucial

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October is Fire Prevention Month, so it’s a good time to raise awareness and implement steps to protect our family.

The National Fire Protection Association reports that a home structure fire is reported every 87 seconds each year. Additionally, 3 out of 5 home fire deaths occur in homes without smoke detectors or without working smoke detectors.

Steps to take to be as prepared as possible include:

  • Home (or workplace) fire escape plan
  • Changing your smoke-alarm batteries
  • Awareness of any chemicals in the home
  • Awareness of main reasons for fires starting in the home

While our HVAC systems keep us comfortable when they are working in our favor, well not well maintained, they can be dangerous.

What Causes Fire Hazards in the Home?

As far as your AC system, electrical and mechanical failures are the foremost cause of AC-related home fires. When you get your regular tune-ups, we are able to make sure everything is working as it should.

Just think: sometimes in the summer, people keep their AC units running, and for longer. At times, that can mean conditioner drains overflow or have other issues.

First, we want to make sure that any heating coils are in the normal operating range—this is to avoid any resistance which can cause heat, and then a fire. We make sure the system is operating as it should; any squeaky sounds, strange noises, bumping or tapping is just one sign you could have issues with your system.

Maintaining your HVAC  system by a professional not only improves its efficiency, but it reduces the risk of fire. 

Here’s a look at some of the steps along the way: 

  • Ensuring the fan motor is not being overworked, including cleaning the interior AC coils and replacing the air filters regularly
  • Ensuring window air conditioner are not using extension cords
  • Lubricating belt drive pulleys or other equipment, when applicable
  • Expertly-cleaned coils or furnace burners, ensuring debris is removed

When it comes to ultimate fire safety, you’re also looking to do the following:

  • Ensure that ACs are plugged into their own outlet
  • Remove any improperly grounded receptacles (something electricians can assist with)
  • Keep any flammable materials far from any space heaters
  • Make sure any space heaters are only on firm and solid surfaces
  • Inspection of the attic and crawl spaces
  • Remove  loose fittings, leaking valves, faulty pilot lights, and/or any debris or improperly stored flammable materials near HVAC system and others places
  • Remove any overloaded circuit breakers, panel boxes, or fuse boxes
  • Inspection of the individual breaker connections

Ready for your HVAC maintenance? Give us a call today at 859-491-4915. 



The Ultimate Fall Maintenance Checklist

HVAC maintenance northern kentucky

Maintaining your heating and cooling system will help you combat unwanted costs and avoidable system failures. Of course calling for your fall tune-up is a vital step, where we come and check the gas or oil connections, your gas pressure, burner combustion and heat exchanger, and much more, to make sure you stay comfortable year-round.

Change Your Filters

When your furnace is forced to “work harder” to pull the air through, the more it will cost you, so be sure to replace your furnace filters on a monthly basis (or as your qualified HVAC professional tells you to do, depending on the climate where you live and your system).

Check the Fireplace

Have a professional check your chimney, clean when needed, and make sure the fireplace is working as it should.

Take a Look at Your Furnace!

Make sure nothing is near the furnace that shouldn’t be, such as something that could be flammable. Give the furnace a dust if it looks like it needs one!

Ask us About Sealing & Insulating

With winter around the corner, ask us about our recommendatinos for how you can insulate and seal air leaks. Whether those air leaks be in the attic, basement, a crawlspace, or around your windows and doors, you will notice the difference with these spaces taken care of.

Check That Your Carbon Monoxide Detector is Working

When you go to change out your air filter, just add one more thing to your list—checking the CO Detector. Yes, your furnace inspection is important to make sure your heat exchanger is not leaking, and a CO Detector is not meant to replace a tune-up, but this is a safety precaution to consider.

Regular System Checkups

You knew this had to be on the list! Regular maintenance is what you must do to make sure your furnace will run optimally, and when you need it most. This will save you money due to reduced energy requirements, keep you comfortable, and keep your intake pipe clear.

Look Outside the Home

Depending in your system, you may need to look at the exhaust and intake pipes that are on the exterior part of your home. Ask us for more information, but you want to make sure the  area around these pipes are clean from debris.

When You Have a Programmable Thermostat…Use it!

Being able to control your energy means you can better control your bill each month, as well as have a better sense of the demands you are putting on your system over time. Ask us if you have more questions about how to find comfort using a programmable thermostat. During your tune-up, we will ensure your thermostat is working as it should.

Consider Your Shades

Do you close your curtains or shades during the night? Give it a try and then you can open them back up during the day.

Need more reasons to take care of your home this Fall as you prepare for winter?  Here’s just a few reasons:

  • You can work to reduce allergy-causing pollutants
  • Ensure you don’t have carbon monoxide or gas leaks
  • Ensure you don’t have any disconnected or leaky fuel lines or connections
  • Ensuring your air flow is what it should be

Do your best to prevent any surprises. Call Greater Comfort to schedule a visit at your convenience 859-491-4915.


From Fort Thomas to Cincinnati to Southeastern Indiana—Our Top 16 Favorite Testimonials

HVAC furnace tune up greater cincinnati

We break down some of our favorite testimonials. Thank you for all the reviews!

  1. “Talk about service. The office called at 8:30 and Cody was here in 30 mins. He was professional, efficient and went out of his way to explain what was broken and why it was not working. In my case it was lack of general maintenance I was letting fall through the cracks. Cody Beverly went out immediately to get the part I needed and had everything done in 3 hours. Dan has quite a team at Greater Comfort and I will be telling everyone in Northern Kentucky/ Cincinnati about his company. Thanks Dan and Cody.” – Kristin B.
  1. “Your straightforward approach and clear description of issues plus itemized, fair pricing. Simply, it is a pleasure to do business with Greater Comfort, it’s rare today to find a company you can really can trust. Thanks.” — Joe T.
  1. “I called Angel at 7 AM today. Within 20 minutes, Zach was at my house and an hour and fifteen minutes later, my AC was working again! I am thrilled! My husband was sure that the AC was toast, but Zach was able to fix it, and it was super affordable. We also signed up for the bi-annual check up, which was a great deal. I highly recommend Greater Comfort. They are kind, helpful, and trustworthy!” – Emily G.
  1. “Cody came and serviced my furnace today and he did a wonderful job. He was knowledgeable and very thorough. I would definitely recommend this company and will use again in the future.” — Michele M.
  1. “I have been a Greater Comfort customer for many years and there is a very good reason for that. When it’s time for my furnace/AC maintenance, I always receive a call right on schedule. The call usually comes from ‘Angel Huff’ at the front desk. Angel should be rewarded for her professionalism, great customer service and perhaps, most of all, her kindness. I also want to recognize another deserving employee. His name is Cody Martin. He arrived at my home right on time to service my furnace and A/C. Cody is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and such a gentleman. I am hoping that he will be the one for my next maintenance. I definitely recommend Greater Comfort. I know they are the best! Thanks!” – Marilyn L.
  1. “Just had Greater Comfort Heating & Air install an air purifier and humidifier. The technician Robbie Baker was very professional and before he finished he made sure that I understood how to maintain the units. Should’ve had these systems installed years ago. Thanks Greater Comfort.” – Antoine S.
  1. “We appreciate everything you have done to make sure our air conditioner is running properly. It has been keeping us plenty cool during this recent hot spell. You and your staff really went the extra mile to help us. Thanks again!” – Tina
  1. “They have a very strong planning process, replacement of heating and a/c began within 24 hours. Competent, on time, excellent supervision, customer contact and follow up. I could not expect better service!!! Highly recommend this company. Everyone was so friendly and understanding.” – Tamra Y.
  1. “I would like to take the time to tell you what a great work and service I have received from your company. The technician came out and basically saved us from fumes and oil from the old furnace that a previous guy American home shield sent to and almost killed us with fumes and an oil leak. You did a fantastic job with installing and taking out the old Williamson from 1958. Now the tech was here today, and the outside heat pump and unit needs to be replaced. Again he worked with American Home Shield and you are installing a whole new unit. I would like to request the same technician to be sent out to do the job. He is very knowledgeable, and just a great personality and I have the utmost confidence in his work. Thanks again, you have been a fantastic in all that you have done for me.” – Mike
  1. “Thanks for the excellent service I received from the time of my first phone call to the conclusion of the request for service. Everything was handled in a very friendly and professional way…My first meeting with Jeff was delightful. I found him to be very friendly, a good conversationalist and very knowledgeable of his profession. I use the word profession because I think he is a real professional in all aspects. His knowledge and ability to find a problem with my heat pump and to repair it in a timely manner fascinated me. I really appreciate him and the fantastic service he gave me. I also feel the same way about your entire company. You show a real concern for your customers. Your immediate response to a customers call and quick service is commendable. I love it. It was a real pleasure doing business with you and I’ll be sure to call you back for a spring cleaning. Also I’ll request that you send Jeff Pelfrey to do the job. Thanks again, I appreciate you folks very much.”— Melvin P.
  1. “From the very friendly office staff to the profesional & informative technician that installed out new unit, we could not have been happier. My husband & I were very impressed with the entire experience. We definitely will be referring this company to our family & friends.” – Elizabeth B.
  1. “I would like to thank you again for your installation of my new heating and air conditioning system. In this day and age, you do not find too many companies like yours. You say exactly what you are going to do, and follow through with it, no matter the circumstances. I appreciate all of your help, and would be more than happy to refer you to anyone at any time…” — Michael
  1. “Thank you for helping out my mom and dad with the new furnace. You guys where great! from the lady that answered the phone to the technician and the guys installing the furnace. I will be telling all my friends.” — Rick
  1. “…I never thought I would have heat again so quick! He then did a complete assessment of my furnace prior to departing. I feel much more secure knowing I can count on Greater Comfort Heating.” – Jeff
  1. “Today I had a great experience. I had my yearly preventative maintenance done and the service tech, Cody was very through and discovered that I had some issues with my A/C unit. I was wondering why my a/c would run and run. Cody quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it quickly. He was very friendly and knowledgable. I would highly recommend this company to friends and family. Thanks!” — Shelley H.
  1. “I’ve been using GC for years now; they have done a lot of work at my home. I had to call Angel after Justin left my home this past week. Justin called me when he was on his way and gave me an approximate arrival time. He offered to put ‘booties’ on to walk through the house. He arrived with everything in hand and ready to go to work. I showed him the thermostat, then showed him where the furnace and humidifier are. I left him to do his work. Once he finished he walked me through both receipts (one was the furnace check-list including pressure and temp readings, the other everything he did from start to finish). Justin was knowledgeable, kind and personable. I told him I would see him in six months for Spring maintenance. Great service!” – Kim

Prepare Your Home for Winter with Fall Maintenance

fall tune up HVAC greater cincinnati

Fall is officially here: bring on the football, pumpkin, and also bring on the preparation for winter!

Looking for confirmation of the benefits of preventative maintenance?

Think of it this way: any heating system is more likely to break or break down when it is working the hardest—which generally means when you need it most.

Winterize Your Home—Starting Now

Here’s what to do to prepare your home for winter, which can help protect the investments you’ve made in your heating and cooling system as well as keep your utility bills as low as possible.

1. Have Greater Comfort Perform Your Heating Tune-Up

You want to be sure that your furnace or heat pump is operating efficiently. You also want to make sure it’s clean and in good repair, and nothing is unsafe for your family or business. Have peace of mind when you make a quick call now that will help prevent any kind of repairs when the frigid days of winter are here!

2. Reverse Any Ceiling Fans

Do your ceiling fans have a reverse switch? If so, take advantage in rooms with high ceilings once you turn on the heat. When you turn the fan’s blades in a clockwise direction you can help create an updraft and “push down” heated air from the top of a room towards the rest of the room.

3. Consider Insulating Your Home for Winter, Including Insulated Windows

Worried about higher heating bills? If you’re home is insulated as it should be, you can keep the warm air inside, where it’s meant to be! Just how much can you save thanks to good insulation? The US Department of Energy says that on average, you will save up to 20 percent on your home’s heating and cooling costs by adding insulation to your attics, floors, and crawl spaces. (Source: Energy Star.) There are many kinds of insulation, all of which have their benefits.

When you have insulated windows, you prevent heat from escaping and you also create a warm window surface inside—two important factors in late fall and in the winter. Insulated windows should help you resist heat transfer and work to reduce any issues with condensation.

4. Don’t Forget Your Water Lines

We don’t have to tell you what happens when water freezes and expands, but sometimes—while we may remember to turn of the lawn/irrigation system—we can forget to turn off the AC’s water shut-off valve, when appicable. When your system has one, you want us to drain the hoses and pipes to be sure that no water remains.

“Do I really need to do a fall tune-up?”

If you’ve ever wondered if you really do need your heating maintenance each fall, the answer is yes! Just like with changing the oil in your car, it’s proven to be preventative maintenance that you just need to do.

Winterization takes place inside and outside the home. It only takes minimal effort to be sure that you’ve done your fall tune-up and to make sure you’ve fixed any insulation issues that you have before the frigid temperatures hit. Learn about our maintenance program and call Greater Comfort today.


Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Homeowners: Top Reasons to Get Your Furnace Tune-Up

hvac tune up cincinnati nky HVAC

This time every year, we have our regular homeowners and business owners who call us for their fall tune-up.

Many are well aware that they might actually be required to maintain their furnace for their warranty to be valid, but there’s more reason than just that for proper maintenance of your system.

Enhance Your Comfort & Prolong the Life of Your System

Getting your fall season tune-up isn’t just to avoid a scenario where your furnace doesn’t turn on at all—it’s to keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible, and for as long as possible. Getting your tune-up in now is the best way to avoid any kind of repair later, especially when the cold weather hits hard!

What are the areas we are examining during a tune-up, and how are we prolonging the life of your system? There are quite a few benefits of regular maintenance:

Your Tune-Up Maximizes Your Energy Efficiency

You don’t want any surprises once the cold weather hits, and a tune-up helps prevent that. When the Greater Comfort team is able to clean and inspect your furnace burner and heat exchanger, we’re making sure it is running just as it should.

Your Tune-Up Keeps Your Family or Workers Safe

Your tune-up ensures your electrical components are working as they should. Of course any family wants to avoid a situation where any dangerous carbon monoxide levels are present.

Your Tune-Up Ensures Proper Airflow

Over time, your system may see limited airflow or have restricted airflow, which we work to correct. Again, any inefficiency translates into a more expensive energy bill for you, and a system that’s being taxed more than it should be.

Your Tune-Up Saves You Money

Doing maintenance on your home is less expensive than repair costs later. It also saves you money all winter as your system operates at peak efficiency.

Improves Energy Efficiency

Cleaning and inspection of your furnace burner and your heat exchanger ensures safe operation. Again, it is one more measure to keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible.

Even if you have skipped maintenance in the past, now is the time to start regular maintenance on your system. As many as 9 out of 10 HVAC system failures are caused by dirt and dust that could have been prevented by a professional. (Source: Louisiana Cooperative Extension Service.)

Doing your tune-up when it’s still warm out is the ideal scenario to make sure it is operating at peak performance and will be safe for you and your family. Beyond checking the thermostat to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort, take a look at the list of the other tune-up measures we take:

  • Changing filters for efficient operation
  • Testing your air flow
  • Checking vents, drafts, and flues
  • Checking for gas leaks
  • Checking all electrical connections and controls
  • Lubrication of the blower bearings and blower motor
  • Cleaning dust from your system
  • Inspecting gas or oil connections, gas pressure and burner combustion
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger (no carbon monoxide leaks)
  • Checking all your safety components

Want to learn more? Give us a call today to learn about our maintenance program.

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