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Air Conditioning 101: What Your Family Should Know

AC 101 greater comfort

Now that spring and summer weather is upon us, you and your family are probably considering starting switching to AC – if you haven’t already.

The air conditioner is a wonderful invention that combines several scientific principles and mechanical techniques to successfully reduce temperature in a building. Understanding how your air conditioning unit works will help you save energy this season. Continue reading


Spring Is Replacement Season

greater comfort HVAC replacement

HVAC Replacement Season Is Upon Us

Your HVAC certainly doesn’t need to be changed EVERY spring. But spring time is the perfect season for replacement if the timing is right for your household. Why? The weather is mild enough that if you have to be without heating or cooling while the replacement is taking place, your family will stay comfortable. Additionally, during this season, manufacturers will often offer special incentives and rebates of which we can help you take advantage.

HVAC units don’t last forever, and the time will come when a replacement is in order. It’s hard to know exactly when a replacement is in order, so we’ve put together a list of indicators to help you determine if your HVAC system is reaching the end of its useful life. Continue reading


4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home

tips for spring cleaning in the greater cincinnati area

Spring cleaning: this time of year, it’s a popular idea, and for good reason! The weather is at least a bit warmer and we’re ready for all the activities that spring and summer bring. As a result, we’re ready to pick up the slack on our chores and to examine how to clean the whole house.
Continue reading


Spring Allergies? Why Air Filters are Critical for Preparing for Allergies

air quality and air filtersCan you believe that more than 17 million adults and 7 million children in the US have asthma—and more than 50 million have allergies? Symptoms of allergy and asthma include runny nose; sneezing; throat clearing; cough; stuffy nose; watery eyes; itchy ears, throat and/or nose, just to name a few, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (Source.)

But what if you could take steps to lessen some of these symptoms or your allergies in general?

Your heating and cooling system works to protect you from allergens and pollutants—not just during allergy season, but year-round in your home. Continue reading


Smart Thermostats: These Are the Benefits

benefits of a smart thermostat greater comfortAs we head into spring, the activities we’re involved with start to increase. It might be Reds games, holiday parties, weddings, graduations, or family cookouts. Whatever it may be, there’s much to do in the Cincinnati region this time of year. With all the opportunity for social activities, many of us are spending less time indoors.

Continue reading


What to Know About Your Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Commercial hvac greater comfort newport kentucky

Your HVAC installation required careful measurement of your facility, taking into account your specific heating and cooling needs. Our goal with any install is to ensure that your system is simple, intuitive, quiet and delivers you unprecedented control and efficiency.

Along the way, budget, safety and efficiency are taken into consideration. With options that include rooftop units, packaged air conditioners, and geothermal systems there are many options to choose from for your business.

Other options that can bring savings to many facilities include: Continue reading


Your Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Design Build Contractor

greater comfort newport ky design build

When People Say “Design/Build,” What Are They Referring Ro?

Design build is the name given to a project in which the design and construction parts of the project are done by a single group. That’s why you typically hear someone say “a design builder” or even “a design build contractor.” In previous year, sometimes the design and the construction part of this process was completely separate or done with completely separate firms.

Knowing it’s just the term given to the specific structure of how a project is completed, there are several phases to be familiar with:

  1. Selecting your design build contractor
  2. Assessing the project from a construction and design perspective
  3. Design
  4. Construction
  5. Post-construction and project hand-off (1)

Continue reading


Lessons About Humidity You Should Know This Winter

humidity newport kentucky greater comfort

Have you ever wondered why humidity is lower in the winter? Recall that humidity is a measure of water vapor that’s in the air. Continue reading


Keep Your Home Warm Without Blasting Your Heat

how to keep your warm home without blasting the furnace

So you want to keep your house as warm as possible this winter, but you also aren’t looking to make any huge investments?

Check out these 8, proven ways to make your house as warm as possible, without breaking the bank. Continue reading

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