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This is How to Prep Your Home & Furnace for a New Baby


making-the-home-ready-for-babyA new baby means lots of baby-proofing choices to think about: baby gates for the stairs, safety locks on the cabinets, electric plugs for the outlets, moving dangerous items out of reach. What are some other ways you can make your home the most inviting, nurturing, healthy, and safe place as possible to raise your new bundle of joy?

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7 Home Heating Myths That Could Be Costing You Money

myths-that-may-be-costing-you-moneyUse these tips to sort fact from fiction during the upcoming winter season to save money on your energy bill.

Myth #1: Cranking the thermostat up higher will make your house warm up faster.

When all you want is to be warm – and FAST – it’s tempting to turn the thermostat up much higher than normal. The thought is that this will warm the house up more quickly. But this is a myth. Your furnace doesn’t – and can’t – pump out more heat just because you set the temperature higher. Continue reading


Why It’s Important to Change Your Filter Regularly


Wonder why you need to change your filters regularly? Here are 6 reasons that will leave you marking your next air filter change on the calendar!

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What to Know About Home Automation


We can now use technology in and around the home to simplify our lives, improve safety, and reduce energy costs.

Home automation can be personalized and used to whatever degree of involvement you, as the homeowner, desires.

Most commonly, these systems control things like lighting, home theater or entertainment systems, appliances, security systems, door locks, outdoor sprinkler systems as well as features to manage energy efficiency. Any piece of electronic equipment that can be controlled remotely or programmed to work automatically falls under the general concept of what’s now generally called “home automation” (1). Continue reading


7 Questions to Ask an HVAC Contractor


Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are the most complex parts of your house, and picking the right contractor may be the most important decision you make about your home. You want to choose a company that has experience, is professional, is reliable, and trustworthy.

Here are 7 of the top questions you can ask any contractor to find the one that is best for you. Continue reading


Fall Home Maintenance Musts


Are you excited that Fall is finally here? This summer has been humid and hot in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, but cooler temperatures have arrived.

We know that many people like to use Fall as a time to make improvements to the home. Here are 2 steps to consider when it comes to your home this Fall. Continue reading


Energy-Efficient Living: 3 Lesser-Known Ways to Ensure You Have an Energy-Efficient Home

newport kentucky greater comfort energy efficiency

We know the power of changing our air filters regularly and getting seasonal tune-ups to maximize the life of our HVAC system, but what are some of the lesser-known ways we can create maximum efficiency and still be as comfortable as possible in our home?

Here we explore 3 more ways you can make sure your home is as energy-efficient as possible. 

1. Plant trees to protect your house from the sun and the wind.

Trees can be strategically placed throughout your yard in order to “protect” your home from the hot summer sun. Besides helping you by shading your house, it can also help through windbreaks in the winter and winter warmth.

Generally speaking, trees that are sizable and located on the west and northwest sides of your home can help to shade your home from the sun. You can also plant shade trees by your AC unit or your driveway. Just be sure that any debris that can come with trees is removed and is not near your system (1).

It can also be smart to plant trees on the South side of your house; they are good protection from the hot summer sun. Trees that lose their leaves in the winter are popular because you can get the warmth of the sun in the winter, while blocking it in the summer. Ask a landscaper how you can strategically plant trees so that you can use less energy in the home.

Typically the best time to plant is early fall, as soon as the branches stop growing—but your landscaper can also guide you on that part of the process. You’ll want the soil to be moist, but not in standing water, and it is wise to cover the base in mulch to protect it from winter cold (2).

2. Install weatherstripping in windows and doors.

Weatherstripping is an inexpensive way to block winter cold and moisture from invading your home. Metal, vinyl, foam and even wood weatherstripping products are available, but for most spots simple foam weatherstripping is sufficient. Just make sure to cut it to fit your opening snugly—pull off the plastic strip and install it on the door or window frame (3).

3. Assess your energy.

Do you feel like your home has serious inefficiencies? Let us know! If your energy bills are high or you’ve noticed serious drafts, or part of the house is much colder or warmer than the rest, a professional thermographic inspection could be a fit for you.

Also, don’t forget that we offer energy audits that identify specific areas of your home that could be of issue. It could be an insulation, ductwork and/or ventilation issue—but our technicians can lay out for you exactly where you are losing energy and how you can save money without making major changes to your home.

We also offer both heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators to improve indoor air quality through ventilation without blowing heated or cooled air out the window. These systems are integrated into your ventilation system and transfer heat from indoor air to outdoor air as it is exchanged. Another benefit: you get fresh air and retain all of the heat or cooling produced by your HVAC system.

Helping You Find Energy Savings While Staying Comfortable 

If you are ready to take action and start saving energy in your home or if you would like to discuss your heating and cooling needs with a tri–state area expert, now is the time to call Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning at  859-491-4915.


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Heat & Cool Efficiently: 4 Energy-Saving Tips for Fall


Fall—especially mid-fall—is often a comfortable time of the year in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, when we don’t experience quite as much humidity and we aren’t using as much heating and cooling to stay comfortable indoors. This is the perfect time to make a set of energy-saving  improvements to your home. Here are a few ways to get started this fall.

Get Your HVAC Tune-Up Scheduled 

Now and through October is an ideal time of year to get your tune-up. There is no substitute for a professional tune-up of your equipment! You can have the heating equipment tuned up in the fall and your AC equipment in the spring. A proper tune up included cleaning of the internal components, lubricating the system, checking the refrigerant level and inspection of all the working parts (1). It also includes:

  • Checking induced draft motor amp draw
  • Cleaning your flame rod (if applicable)
  • Checking heat exchanger
  • Inspecting flue and fresh air make–up
  • Examining the electric resistance heating elements
  • Disconnects & wiring
  • Tightening all electrical connections
  • Verifying proper thermostat operation & program
  • Other safety checks and more!

Install a Programmable Thermostat

This upgrade will be one of your biggest cost-savers in the long term. What’s the immediate benefit of a programmable thermostat? First, it automatically changes the temperature throughout the day once you preset it. Lots of us like different temperatures for sleeping than while we’re awake or while we are out of the house during the day; lots of us also forget to change the temperature on the non-programmable thermostats, so this solves that problem.

Remember that if the house is empty during parts of the day while your family is at work and/or school, the savings can be much bigger. According to the Department of Energy, a programmable thermostat can save you about $180 a year if you properly employ the pre-programmed settings (2).

Seal Your Heating and Cooling Ducts

Our air ducts can be losing energy, and sometimes we are unaware of this because they can be “out of site”—whether that be in the basement, your crawlspace, attic or in other places. If you do have air duct leakage, you can have a loss of energy in your system; you want to seal your heating and cooling ducts so that you optimize efficiency, reduce air leakage, and you better control pollutants coming into your home.

To do so, generally your steps are as follows: seal the joints between the duct sections with duct sealant tape or other metal-backed tape. Next, wrap the ducts with insulation, especially if the temperature outside the ducts is often very different from the temperature of the air moving through the ducts (2).

Change Your Air Filters

Have you changed your air filter recently? It’s one of the most effective ways to maintain our system for longevity and to cut down our monthly bills each month. Remember how changing out your air filter helps your system avoid having to work harder—which translates to wasted energy, too. At minimum, change your air filter every 3 months. In many homes, it’s necessary to do so more often, such as once a month. Ask us for help if you need to.

Get Your System Tune-Up Scheduled with Greater Comfort 

Make sure your system is performing as efficiently and effectively as possible in the coming weeks: if you haven’t already, call us at 859-491-4915 to to get your AC tune-up scheduled! Regular maintenance helps ensure your system can handle the heat.

Greater Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is your local heating and air conditioning company based in Newport, Kentucky. Our furnace and air conditioning experts proudly serve all of Northern Kentucky, Greater Cincinnati and Southeastern Indiana. With over 60 years of experience, our highly trained technicians bring our special brand of expertise and customer service to every job we perform.


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Too Much Moisture in the Air? How to Deal with Humidity in the Home

comfort in your home

Although it seems to be getting a bit cooler this past week here in Greater Cincinnati, it definitely has been humid and hot in recent weeks. Since humidity has been such as popular topic recently, we decided to break down some of what you should know. Here’s to hoping mother nature sends us a few cooler and less humid days in the coming weeks! Continue reading

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